SAD 61 school board notes

By Wayne E. Rivet

Staff Writer

Rosie Schacht doesn’t like the name of the new bus garage and vocational instruction building — ESB, short for Essential Services Building.

She has a better idea. The Lake Region Vocational Center director hopes to rename the structure after two individuals — Clifton “Clif” Hall and the late Stanley Wiley — who played key roles in the area’s vocational education and maintenance.

Wiley was SAD 61’s first maintenance director, and served the area school system before the district was formed for a total of 38 years.

Hall was the district’s first vocational director, and served 18 years. Schacht noted to the Facilities Committee Monday that SAD 61 has had just three voc directors in its history — Hall, Cal Chaplin (1987) and Schacht (1991 to present).

Schacht brought up the idea Monday to see if the school board is in the “mood for naming a building” before she seeks out the required 25 letters of recommendation and 1,000 signatures for each individual (duplicates would be accepted). Once those items are collected and a letter of support (outlining why the building should be named after the two men) is drafted by Schacht, the school board would then consider the request.

SAD 61 has named a variety of buildings and sports revenues after individuals. Some examples at the high school include Nutting Gym, the Bonnie Edwards Wing, the Art Kilborn Athletic Complex and Linda Whitney Field (field hockey).

White House, on hold. The plan is to sell the modular unit — known as the “White House” — that has housed vocational program. But until school construction and renovation moves further along, SAD 61 will hold onto the structure.

Andy Madura, director of Maintenance, Transportation and Food Service, told the Facility Committee that he has held off seeking bids for the White House as shuffling continues due to construction. At the moment, the school’s kitchen has been moved there as renovation works begins inside LRHS.

Madura noted that school systems interested in purchasing the White House would like to move the structure by summer so it would be ready for occupation when school opens in the fall. While LRHS construction continues to progress nicely, Madura remains hesitant about moving the White House until it becomes crystal clear that SAD 61 will no longer have a need for that space.

PCB removal. Work begins next week on another phase of PCB removal at the high school. Seven-plus inches of material around windows and doors will be removed, and soil will be tested for contamination.

SAD 61 received a “reprieve” from the Environmental Protection Agency, which is requiring the district to “test every other window.”

“It’s a total gamble when it comes to testing,” said Madura. In one area, PCB levels were found deeper in the soil. The cause — a bush had been planted along the side of the school and PCBs likely followed the bush’s root system.

Window replacement. Rather than try to “piecemeal” and wanting to put the high school construction project “behind them,” Facilities Committee members supported replacing “42 openings” — doors and windows — all at once.

Madura projected to complete the replacement project, the cost would be about $400,000. The school board had penciled in $50,000 in the proposed maintenance budget for window replacement. They later decided to move another $50,000 from the proposed capital reserve fund to the maintenance line for windows.

Following the budget theme of keeping things “cost neutral,” directors supported financing the remaining $300,000 through a bond over 10 years at a 3.5% interest rate.

Madura projects an energy cost saving of $33,100 per year by installing new windows and doors.

Good Kids. Recognized for their hard work, good citizenship and efforts to make their school a better place, the following students received Good Kid Awards at Monday’s school board meeting. Students received a certificate and specially-designed t-shirt. They included:

Sebago Elementary School: Kylie Cohoon, kindergarten, nominated by Chris Bennett; Justin Seal, first grade, by Randa Viitala; Matthew Douglas, second grade, by Paul Condello; Mikayla Allen, third grade, by Ted Bridge-Koenigsberg; Alan Bracy, fourth grade, by Anita Quinlan; Molly Foley, fifth grade, by Anita Quinlan.

Songo Locks School: Lillybelle Rendell, kindergarten, by Sue Shea; Logan Chiasson, first grade, by Amie Girard; Emma Madsen, second grade, by Jean Martin; Rayne Wengland, third grade, by Kim Nielsen; Hailey Engelhardt, fourth grade, by Ann Fifield; Anthony Ahlemeyer, fifth grade, by Amie Girard.

Stevens Brook Elementary: Acadia Webb, kindergarten, by Mrs. Phillips; Ian Carras, first grade, by Ms. Granger; Grace Gagnon, second grade, by Krystal Carriere; Noah Richard, third grade, by Barb Beeson; Ellery Hunt, fourth grade, by Dagny Leland; Grace Chute, fifth grade, by Deanna Woodward.

Lake Region Middle School: Robert Caron III, sixth grade, Cadillac Team; Andrea Johnston, sixth grade, by Kim Cowperthwaite and Kathy Minigell; Jacqueline Morse, seventh grade, Team Kineo; Luke Porter, seventh grade, by Elizabeth Marx; Katelyn Sullivan, seventh grade, by Team Sugarloaf; Devynn Turner, eighth grade, by Team Katahdin.

Lake Region High School: Ashley Moore, freshman, by Linda Davis; Joshua Knox, sophomore, by Brian Cushing; Patrick Irish, junior, by Brian Cushing; Kelsey Winslow, junior, by Brian Cushing; Monica Couvillion, senior, by Brian Cushing; Freemont “DJ” Jones, senior, by Lisa Woodson.

Personnel moves

James Clark was approved as a special education teacher at Lake Region Middle School, replacing Dan Irvine who resigned. Previously, he was a special education/physical education teacher at Governor Baxter School for the Deaf. There were three applicants, and two were interviewed.

Carissa Miner was approved as a special education education technician III at Lake Region High School, replacing Barbara Nichols, who resigned. There were four applicants, and two were interviewed.

Amy Butcher submitted her intent to resign as a special education teacher at Songo Locks School effective April 27.

Kelsey Jackson submitted her resignation as a grade 1 teacher at Songo Locks School. She is currently on a leave of absence.

Coaching appointments

Randy Heath has been named varsity baseball coach. He succeeds Dan Leland.

Rich Hines has been named junior varsity baseball coach. Baseball experience includes: SUNY, Oneonta, N.Y. 1984-88; Hudson Valley Rookie League, 1984-88; Saugerties High School, 1982-84. He earned a bachelor of science degree at State University of New York at Oneonta in 1989.

Brian Jahna has been named varsity football coach, succeeding Jason Simmons. He previously coached at Lake Region Middle School. Athletic Director Paul True said there were six applicants, and five were scheduled for interviews. Two applicants were “no shows.”

Laurie Frizzell has been named girls’ lacrosse team coach at Lake Region Middle School. She earned a bachelor of science degree in physical education/health from Northeastern University in 1976. Lacrosse coaching experience includes at Yale, Northeastern University and Harvard in the 1970s.

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