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  • Molly Ockett - artwork by Arla Patch for Bethel's Molly Ockett Day celebration.

    Student makes successful case to keep ‘Molly’

    By Wayne E. Rivet Staff Writer FRYEBURG — Everywhere Luke Sekera-Flanders looked, he could see change. As the new elementary school and Molly Ockett Middle School slowly take shape, the idea was floated that a name change could be in order for the new K-8 facility. SAD 72 Superintendent of Schools Jay Robinson proposed a […]

  • BUTTERFLY ON THE NOSE of a customer who was not satisfied with monarch butterflies only on his fingers. This photo was posted on the Facebook page of Mark’s Lawn and Garden to spread the word about the Butterfly Pavilion. (Photo courtesy of Mark’s Lawn and Garden)

    Butterfly pavilion: Watching Monarchs a royal treat

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer For the monarch butterfly, the birthdate predicts the future. Lucky are the butterflies born in late August for they will make the world-renown migration of almost 3,000 miles to Mexico, where they will spend the winter. In the spring, those monarchs will return to their North American homes. The […]

  • Casco approves invasive plant removal funds

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer CASCO — It only takes a seed for the invasive plant Japanese Knotweed to take root and then take over natural habitat with its rapid, thicket-like growth. The elected public officials in Casco are willing to provide more than seed money to bid “Sayonara” to the Japanese Knotweed within […]

  • Casco grapples with unpaid camper taxes

      By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer CASCO — The Casco Board of Selectmen has been grappling with a solution to campers being driven away and tax debts being left unpaid with no forwarding address. Every year, the Casco board write-offs the unpaid taxes on almost one-dozen mobile camper units. If the owners register the […]

  • Casco delays land purchase

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer CASCO — Renters living on a piece of land that is being sold to the Town of Casco might be breathing a sigh of relief. The land purchase, which has been a topic of discussion by residents, has been delayed until the autumn. The town will not officially own […]

  • Rev. Joyce Long

    One on One with…Rev. Joyce Long, 15 year bond with Casco church

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer CASCO – Rev. Joyce Long had reason to ponder the season-to-season occurrences of the past decade and a half at the Casco Village United Church of Christ. After all, the congregation had a special worship planned – a celebration of Joyce’s 15 years as pastor of the church. She […]

  • Withdrawal clause discussed before signing transfer site contract

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer NAPLES — Before signing the renewal of a 20-year agreement for the transfer station shared with the Town of Casco, Naples selectmen talked about the ins and outs of the agreement and the history of the service. People still refer to it as the dump. Officially, the operation has […]

  • SAD 61 counter offer: will try to educate in hometowns, but no guarantees

    By Wayne E. Rivet Staff Writer As one of two longest tenured members on the SAD 61 School Board, Janice Barter is quite familiar with the district’s stance regarding where elementary school children will be taught. For the past 17 years — Barter’s stay on the school board — SAD 61 has pushed to educate […]

  • Citizens question conflict of interest on town road work

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer NAPLES — One resident was pretty steamed when he saw the father of the Naples town manager operating heavy equipment — doing the ditch work on Edes Falls Road. The equipment was owned by another contractor. But, what most upset the person who saw this was the fact that […]

  • Pub owner can build deck, but unable to open it until sewage figure comes in

    By Wayne E. Rivet Staff Writer When voters approved a change in how Bridgton figures downtown sewage flow, Will Holmes was a happy man. Owner of Standard Gastropub, Holmes is first in line when it comes to increasing the sewage allotment for his Main Street business. With more and more restaurants and pubs in the […]