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  • THIS LAND USE map depicts the Lakes Region Bus stop, at the Community Center, out to a one-half mile radius. (Courtesy of GPCOG)

    Bridgton-to-Portland bus update

    Feeling the wonderful wind of public support beneath our wings, the Bridgton Transportation Authority reaffirmed its goal of launching the Bridgton–Portland commuter bus on Jan. 5, 2015. “We’re launching an all out blitz to raise the required $5,000 to start the bus early in the new year,” said BTA President Catherine Samuels. “Local foundations, contacting […]

  • Public outreach planned on sewer expansion

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer Bridgton Selectmen agreed Tuesday to have the Wastewater Committee reach out to sewer system users with a concerted informational and educational campaign. The campaign will include a sit-down with each of the system’s 60 or so users, and distribution of a tri-fold brochure that begins to talk about possibilities for […]

  • THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY — John Bliss, vice president of product development at Howell Labs, explains the workings behind one of the company’s seawater chlorinator machines. Howell products, also including dehydrators and humidity measuring equipment, can be found on virtually every class of blue water surface ships and submarines in both the Navy and Army.
(Geraghty Photo)

    Golden moment: After 50 years, Howell Labs is a success story

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer The festive atmosphere at Thursday’s 50th anniversary celebration at Howell Laboratories, Inc., came first and foremost from all of its employees. And why not? After all, they own the place. The fact that the antennae and water purifications systems manufacturer is one of just a few 100% employee-owned businesses in […]

  • Bridgton board dubious on RTP bus subsidy

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer Bridgton Selectmen are dubious of whether town money should be spent in order to expand the Regional Transportation Authority’s Portland-Naples commuter bus service to Bridgton. Backers of a citizen’s petition signed by 602 residents seeking a $10,000 annual subsidy for the bus service were on hand at Tuesday’s Selectmen meeting. […]

  • Casco turns junkyard violation over to attorney

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer CASCO — The Town of Casco has put into the hands of its attorney the task of officially notifying a resident of a junkyard ordinance violation that — if not corrected in two weeks — could land in the Bridgton courtroom. The Casco Board of Selectmen heard the circumstances: […]

  • Naples board puts priorities to paper

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer NAPLES — Naples elected officials looked at an inventory of the town’s buildings and vehicles and began the process of prioritizing future expenditures — some of which are inevitable like a leaky roof. The conversation was not limited to those obvious pieces of public property, but also covered future […]

  • NW 39 library vandalism 2

    Escalating vandalism seen at library

    By Gail Gerghty Staff Writer A few disrespecting vandals have been creating mayhem on the Bridgton Public Library Courtyard the past few weeks. Since Halloween night, the problem has gotten worse, and library officials are seeking the public’s help. The vandals defaced the granite steps to the children’s area with magic marker and destroyed a […]

  • RIPPED APART — A Ward Excavation worker demolishes the back portion of the former Sportshaus building Tuesday afternoon. As the building was torn down, many spectators stopped to watch and take photos. (Rivet Photos)

    Out with the old, in with the new: Commercial building planned for Sportshaus lot

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer Tuesday’s demolition of the Sportshaus building at 103 Main Street in downtown Bridgton will pave the way for construction of a new two-story commercial building by Bridgton’s own man with a mission, Main Eco Homes owner Justin McIver. “My goal is to build something that will blend in nicely with […]

  • VEHICLES CROSS the Crooked River Bridge while traveling along Route 302 as seen from the old bridge. The status of the old bridge has been brought up at recent Casco Board of Selectmen meetings, but since no money has been allocated for this project, it’s unlikely the aging concrete bridge will be removed any time soon. (De Busk Photo)

    Whose tax dollars get rid of Crooked River bridge?

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer CASCO — Most commuters whiz right past the aging infrastructure without even noticing it. But, prior to 1958, it was the bridge that people drove over while traveling along Roosevelt Trail. Fifty-five years after the Old Crooked River Bridge was given an inactive status, it is actively falling apart. […]

  • Pauline and Bernard Willey, of Casco, stand in front of an American Flag on Veterans Day. The Vietnam War veteran and his wife plan to take part in “Wreaths across America” in early December. (De Busk Photo)

    Casco couple to embark on patriotic mission to honor ‘the fallen’

    “Our mission is to remember the fallen who gave up their tomorrows with family and loved ones, so that we can enjoy ours.” — Wreaths Across America website By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer CASCO — Three weeks after Bernard and Pauline were married, he left Maine to fight in the Vietnam War. Forty-nine years […]