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  • Denmark voters reject recall petitions

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer Denmark voters rejected efforts to recall two of its three selectmen in Tuesday’s special referendum. Turnout was very high, with nearly a third of the town’s population turning out to reject the recalls of Bevery Caparco, by a vote of 151 yes, 185 no; and Richard Mason, by a vote […]

  • A TOUR of Dayton Town Hall, shown here in photo, inspired the Casco Board of Selectmen to downsize the floor plan and use some similar energy-efficient technology for Casco’s future Town Office building. (Photo courtesy of Town of Casco)

    Casco town hall site plan takes shape

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer CASCO — The question of where Casco’s future town hall would be situated on the lot was one that residents asked during town meeting. It opened the door to some good ideas. Not only did reasonable recommendations come from the public, but also Casco’s public safety personnel provided sage […]

  • Fryeburg Police Officers left to right: David Arsenault, Andrew Jarman, Timothy Libby, Cody Belyea, Chief Joshua Potvin, Lt. Michael McAllister, Michelle Legare, Brandon Weckbacher, Harry Sims and Heidi Johnston.

Fryeburg Police Domestic Violence Awareness Ribbons  

Fryeburg Selectmen voted unanimously in late May to allow the placement of purple domestic violence awareness ribbons on the Police Department’s cruisers and make them part of the permanent scheme.  
The ribbons were requested by Chief Joshua Potvin to help officers spread domestic violence awareness while on patrol.  
Fryeburg Police joined domestic violence advocates and supporters at Bradley Park on Main Street in Fryeburg last week for the unveiling of the ribbons. Lifelong resident and domestic violence survivor Donna Woodward placed the final ribbon on the cruiser at the ceremony.   
“The ribbons will be a great additional to our cruisers and I am pleased to have the selectmen’s support in helping spread domestic violence awareness. The ribbons display our ‘no excuse’ approach to these types of crimes. It is our policy to ensure those affected by domestic violence receive the proper support they need and to hold their offenders accountable,” Chief Joshua Potvin said.
The chief added, “Over half of the homicides in Maine were domestic violence related in 2014. Unfortunately, Fryeburg was not exempt from the chilling domestic violence homicide statistics and had the first domestic violence homicide for Maine in 2015.”
The chief said domestic violence cases drain the department’s resources and create a substantial safety risk to local officers. 
“These are crimes that not only affect those involved, but the community as a whole,” Chief Potvin said. “We have reconstructed our response to domestic violence calls and have a mandatory arrest policy in place. With help from our partners at Family Crisis, Starting Point and Safe Voices, we conduct follow-up interviews with the victims within 48 hours of the incident to ensure he/she is receiving the help they need. Our officers are all trained in risk assessment to predict the likelihood of suspects re-offending.” 
The main purpose of displaying the domestic violence ribbons on FPD cruisers is to let the community know local police will support victims.  
“We equally wanted to send the message to offenders that there is no excuse and we will hold them accountable,” Chief Joshua Potvin said.

    Domestic abuse comes in many forms

    By Emily Butterfield Contributing Writer FRYEBURG — On a bright and sunny Wednesday afternoon, Fryeburg Police Chief Joshua Potvin hoped to keep a bright light on a disturbing problem — domestic violence — through the use of a simple decal. Chief Potvin stood in front of his fellow policemen and domestic violence advocacy groups in […]

  • Planners okay North Bridgton gun shop plan

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer Despite the ongoing opposition of Bridgton Academy, the Bridgton Planning Board gave tentative approval June 23 to plans by an abutter to operate a sporting goods shop selling firearms near the school. Final approval is expected next Tuesday, July 7, of the plans by Mary Tremblay and firearms dealer James […]

  • ALLISON GRIFFIN, left, the new Librarian at the Bridgton Public Library, enjoys a laugh with retiring Librarian Holly Hancock and Beth Cossey, at Saturday’s farewell celebration for Hancock at the library. Both Griffin and Hancock live in Casco, and when Cossey asked Griffin where she lives, Hancock said, “All the best librarians come from Casco.

    Holly Hancock closes book on BPL career

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer The Bridgton Library said goodbye Saturday to retiring librarian Holly Hancock, and welcomed new Librarian Allison Griffin, who began work this week. Hancock said she decided to retire after eight and a half years to spend more time helping with her twin grandchildren and focusing on her civic responsibilities in […]

  • State Police rule no wrongdoing in inn essay contest

    The Maine State Police say there were no violations of Maine gaming laws from the Center Lovell Inn essay contest that has sparked some complaints from contest participants. Sgt. Michael Johnston of the State Police’s Special Investigation Unit said the investigation included a review of the contest to include the rules, and interviews with the […]

  • Town Meeting: Casco supports bus service, blueprints for dam

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer CASCO — The approval of municipal funds to keep the Lakes Region Bus service operating went off without a hitch. The vast majority of voters at the Casco Town Meeting wanted to keep the rural bus service — that runs from Naples to Portland with stops in Casco, Raymond, […]

  • NEEDLES, NEEDLES, EVERYWHERE — This plastic box at the Bridgton Police Department contains used needles, which up until recently were taken to Bridgton Hospital for disposal. The hospital, like other hospitals around the state, no longer offers disposal service, so the needles are taken to the Transfer Station for eventual incineration by Regional Waste Systems.

 A mother's concern
P1 needles being dumped
SIDEBAR to gail’s story

By Wayne E. Rivet
Staff Writer
NAPLES — Nicole Corcoran-Allen is worried that kids face a serious danger at local ballfields and lack the knowledge of what to do to avoid harm.
One ritual of spring is for parents, kids and coaches to gather on a weekend day to cleanup baseball and softball fields. They usually spend a bulk of their time raking leaves, picking up litter and hauling off broken branches.
This spring, one volunteer group came across unexpected debris at the American Legion Field in Naples. 
“As we were cleaning, one of the groups came across used needles — two empty and one that looked full,” Corcoran-Allen said. “My initial thought was who in the world would throw those (hypodermic needles) where kids play and thank God none of the kids found them or got hurt by one.”
Used needles have also been found along roadways in Bridgton. 
“I think police and people should pay more attention to places where kids play and people being there after hours. I think the areas should also be posted with some sort of sign,” Corcoran-Allen said.
To insure kids’ safety, Corcoran-Allen has thought about organizing a cleanup group, consisting of parents and volunteers, who would periodically check areas where kids play or take part in recreational activities. 
“I also think that children should be made aware of what these (hypodermic needles) are and not to touch them,” she said. “Last year, my son almost stepped on one at the football field. He and my daughter wondered what it was and almost picked it up. I jumped in and said ‘no’ and told them both don’t ever touch them. A lot of kids have no clue and would pick it up.”
Corcoran-Allen hopes schools and/or police will address the matter before a child is injured,
“They (kids) need to understand what they are (the needles) and not to touch them!” she added.

    Discarded needles are a big problem

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer In early May, two used hypodermic needles were found on the side of Middle Ridge Road in Bridgton. Three more were found this spring in Naples, when volunteers were raking leaves and clearing debris from the American Legion ballfield (see sidebar to this story). Bridgton Interim Police Chief Jerry Hinton, […]

  • New face, same chairman for Bridgton selectmen

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer Bridgton Selectmen reelected Bernie King as chairman, and named newly reelected Selectman Bob McHatton vice chairman, at the board’s first meeting Tuesday. The new board includes a new face: Greg Watkins, the top vote-getter in the June 9 election. Watkins replaces Doug Taft, who ran as a write-in candidate but […]

  • Naples road reserves on chopping block

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer NAPLES — The Town of Naples will rely on a roads reserve account to make half of the $215,000 cuts required so that the town does have to exceed the tax levy limit. There was $105,000 set aside in a reserve account in the roads and highways budget, according […]