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  • Volunteers still needed for medical marijuana committee

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer Three people to date have said they’re willing to serve on a new ad hoc committee that will study what local regulations can or should be enacted to control the siting and operation of medical marijuana dispensaries. Bridgton Selectmen, who have yet to finalize the committee’s membership, are going forward […]

  • Long cell tower fight over; resident pulls appeal

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer Hio Ridge Road resident Paul Veit has finally thrown in the towel in his longstanding battle against a cell tower project near his home by AT&T and American Towers. But some are questioning his timing. “It’s unfortunate that the taxpayers of Bridgton had to foot the bill, for printing costs […]

  • THE SPILLWAY DAM for Parker Pond and Pleasant Lake is failing, with cracks in the concrete, which allows water to move past the structure. Representatives from the towns of Casco and Otisfield are working on a solution, and will most likely ask for funding to hire a hydrologist at this winter’s special town meetings. (De Busk Photo)

    Officials seek dam repair plan

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer CASCO — A person with no engineering background would be able to see the obvious: There are cracks in the dam between Mill Pond and Crooked River. The concrete spillway dam has water passing through the cracks; and higher water pressure could cause more damage to the structure. Mill […]

  • Casco sees chance to improve polling

    By Dawn DeBusk Staff Writer CASCO — Following the 2014 Gubernatorial and local elections, Casco’s public officials are reviewing ways to make the polling experience better. Selectman Holly Hancock suggested that the town add an election coordinator to the municipal budget in the future. She said the Casco Community Center is bristling with activity during […]

  • “It’s humbling that people are so supportive of my work. I am living in the kick starter (because) I have a one-to-one relationship with the people who invest in my music, whether it’s in heart, in musical accompaniment, in monetary donations, or all three. I am grateful. Thanksgiving week is a great time to talk about it. I am grateful today.”
— Andrew McKnight, acoustic musician, song-writer, performer
ANDREW MCKNIGHT relaxes with his guitar after a house concert at the Noble House Inn, a bed and breakfast establishment in Bridgton, on Nov. 13. McKnight’s performance schedule is so busy that he likely won’t be back at the Noble House Inn until spring 2016. However, he plans to provide fans and new-comers with a concert via a Vidcast at 8:30 p.m. on Dec. 16. (De Busk Photo)

    Grateful for a musical lifestyle

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer Less than two weeks after performing at the Noble House Inn in Bridgton, musician Andrew McKnight was ready to knock on wood. McKnight had just arrived at the workshop of a local luthier (guitar-maker) in Virginia, where he lives. “What started out as one custom-made instrument ended up being […]

  • Suspects in Lake Region area burlgaries arrested

    Maine State Police and the York County Sheriff’s Office have arrested three York County residents on numerous burglary and theft charges that took place in York, Cumberland and Oxford counties in the past two months. Arrested were Christopher Michaud, 23, of Limerick; Cole Meserve, 20, of Standish; and Amber Meserve, 21, of Limerick. The two […]

  • THIS LAND USE map depicts the Lakes Region Bus stop, at the Community Center, out to a one-half mile radius. (Courtesy of GPCOG)

    Bridgton-to-Portland bus update

    Feeling the wonderful wind of public support beneath our wings, the Bridgton Transportation Authority reaffirmed its goal of launching the Bridgton–Portland commuter bus on Jan. 5, 2015. “We’re launching an all out blitz to raise the required $5,000 to start the bus early in the new year,” said BTA President Catherine Samuels. “Local foundations, contacting […]

  • Public outreach planned on sewer expansion

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer Bridgton Selectmen agreed Tuesday to have the Wastewater Committee reach out to sewer system users with a concerted informational and educational campaign. The campaign will include a sit-down with each of the system’s 60 or so users, and distribution of a tri-fold brochure that begins to talk about possibilities for […]

  • THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY — John Bliss, vice president of product development at Howell Labs, explains the workings behind one of the company’s seawater chlorinator machines. Howell products, also including dehydrators and humidity measuring equipment, can be found on virtually every class of blue water surface ships and submarines in both the Navy and Army.
(Geraghty Photo)

    Golden moment: After 50 years, Howell Labs is a success story

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer The festive atmosphere at Thursday’s 50th anniversary celebration at Howell Laboratories, Inc., came first and foremost from all of its employees. And why not? After all, they own the place. The fact that the antennae and water purifications systems manufacturer is one of just a few 100% employee-owned businesses in […]

  • Bridgton board dubious on RTP bus subsidy

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer Bridgton Selectmen are dubious of whether town money should be spent in order to expand the Regional Transportation Authority’s Portland-Naples commuter bus service to Bridgton. Backers of a citizen’s petition signed by 602 residents seeking a $10,000 annual subsidy for the bus service were on hand at Tuesday’s Selectmen meeting. […]