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  • THE TRAFFIC SIGNAL on Roosevelt Trail at the Route 35 junction offers drivers an orange blinking light — caution — as a nearly full moon rises in the east. (De Busk Photo)

    Stoplight won’t go green; residents go green

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer NAPLES — There is a little less green when the tourists leave. It seems that rule applies to the traffic stoplight on Roosevelt Trail. A few weeks ago, the green signal quit lighting up. So did the red signal. In recent weeks, the stoplight stopped changing colors altogether and […]

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    ‘Friends of Sebago Elementary’ urge ‘No’ vote; rally brings message to Bridgton

    By Wayne E. Rivet Staff Writer Denise Olsen never, ever expected to be holding a sign of protest at Bridgton’s main intersection. But, drastic times require drastic measures said the leader of Friends of Sebago Elementary School. Strongly feeling the budgetary ax could finally fall on their community school if a plan to expand Crooked […]

  • Naples prevails in dog on beach challenge

      By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer The Maine Human Rights Commission ruled Monday against a Naples man who was kicked off the Naples Town Beach last summer while training an emotional therapy dog with his son. In so doing, the Commission made a distinction between the legal classification of emotional therapy dogs, used as a […]

  • Casco seeks leverage to collect personal property taxes

      By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer CASCO — It can be as taxing to try to collect taxes as it is for debtors to pay them. A highly-visible local business owes personal property taxes to the Town of Casco. In an effort to collect any unpaid personal property taxes now and in the future, […]

  • WATCH OUT — Wild turkeys crossing the road can be a hazard for the inattentive driver. On Bridgton’s Burnham Road Nov. 17, they may have been road kill sport.

    Turkeys target of driver’s ire?

        By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer Eight wild turkeys were struck and killed, apparently deliberately, on the Burnham Road Nov. 17. Whoever killed the birds, however, didn’t stick around to collect their Thanksgiving dinner — either too shocked or ashamed by what they’d done. But the birds were tagged, and given to the person […]

  • Outdoorsy ones want sidewalks

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer NAPLES — While Naples town officials might like the idea of having more sidewalks in town, residents who walk Route 35 during the winter will have to settle for having the snowbanks pushed back a little farther. And, even that solution is a maybe rather than a promise. During […]

  • Naples pumper purchase in progress

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer NAPLES — A 2008 water-pumping truck will likely join the Naples Fire and Rescue Department’s fleet — certainly before Christmas. The replacement vehicle has been on the fire department’s wish list for a while. Money has been set aside in a reserve — at a rate of $20,000 a […]

  • Bridgton Comp Plan deemed ‘complete and consistent’

    By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer State approval this week of Bridgton’s Comprehensive Plan means that the work of the Land Use & Zoning Committee to draft a townwide zoning plan — begun several months ago — can now begin in earnest. “We have now concluded our review and are very pleased to inform you that […]

  • STEP RIGHT UP — It might seem insignificant, but the entrance platform to this camper and others on lakefront lots at Vacationland Campground in Harrison is considered an illegal structure under state Shoreland Zoning. The town of Harrison is currently negotiating a consent agreement with the campground’s owners to prohibit such decks, which seasonal campers say are necessary because of the safety risks posed by the uneven ground and exposed roots.

    Harrison seeking enforcement on campground decks

      By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer Harrison Selectmen and Vacationland Campground are negotiating an agreement to correct a Shoreland Zoning violation that neither side was aware of — entrance decks to campers on lakefront lots. Campground owner Gretchen Osgood met with the board last month and said she had no idea when she bought the […]

  • NEW STEPS AND RAILING have been built at the entrance to Town Hall. The enclosure at left has also been removed.

    Recreation slowly returning to Bridgton Town Hall

      By Gail Geraghty Staff Writer The furnace is on order and should arrive soon, and for Bridgton Recreation Director Gary Colello, it can’t be soon enough. All summer and fall, most town recreation programs at Town Hall have been on hold while workers from Dotens Construction have been busy shoring up the foundation and […]