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  • Vaping puts schools on alert

    Checkin’ out the halls makin’ sure the coast is clear Lookin’ in the stalls, no, there ain’t nobody here Oh, my buddy Fang, and me and Paul To get caught would surely be the death of us all Smokin’ in the boys room, yeah Smokin’ in the boys room Now, teacher, don’t you fill me […]

  • Engineers unveil Naples intersection plan

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer NAPLES — An intersection in Naples that is dangerous to both pedestrians and drivers will get a major overhaul this fall. The town’s elected officials have been pushing to get a right-hand turning lane from Route 35 to Route 302, plus crosswalks on both major roads for people on […]

  • LifeFlight a godsend in rural Maine

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer NAPLES — If someone calls 9-1-1 because a person has an immediate life-threatening condition, often a medical helicopter is deployed. Once the person is aboard a LifeFlight helicopter, the person is not simply being transported to a hospital, he or she is in a flying hospital. “You have everything: […]

  • No staff pushes Crooked River project vote to March 19

    When Casco Town Manager David Morton looked at his March calendar, he realized there was a big problem looming. SAD 61 scheduled its referendum vote for March 12 regarding Crooked River School construction and renovation. Morton’s problem — who would count Casco’s votes? The three people who handle Casco’s voting won’t be available. One is […]

  • Donor keeps the Kettle full

    Hot Stove talk usually refers to free agent signings in Major League Baseball, but not right now at the Bridgton Community Center (BCC). The hot talk is about a major gift to the Community Kettle dinner and senior lunch programs. The BCC Board of Directors announced that an anonymous gift of $5,000 has been received […]

  • Selectmen notes: Town supportive of market analysis study

    By Wayne E. Rivet Staff Writer Once Bridgton constructs an expanded wastewater system and dresses up the Village area through the streetscape project, the town will be ready for business. But, who will know it’s a good place to invest or relocate to? Ryan Wallace of the Center for Business and Economic Research at the […]

  • Casco manager job opening goes public

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer CASCO — On Tuesday, Casco Town Manager Dave Morton met with an electrician about replacing the lights in the town gym, addressed the window sills in the town-owned building next to the library, received engineers’ plans to review for the first time, dealt with a broken mailbox (there are […]

  • Town unite to negotiate cable TV deal

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer NAPLES — There is strength in numbers. At least five towns, and possibly more than ten municipalities, plan to work together to renegotiate Cable TV franchise fee contracts that have expired. A renewed contract would ensure each town gets a higher percentage of fees paid to the town by […]

  • Casco man donates lifesaving device to game wardens

    By Corporal John MacDonald Maine Game Warden Service Casco resident John Curtis has been an avid snowmobiler for decades here in Maine. John is married with two adult children, a son and daughter, and works as a project manager for Clean Harbors Environmental Services. John and his family have snowmobiled together since his children were […]

  • Town, landowner agree on Edes Falls boundary

    By Dawn De Busk Staff Writer NAPLES — A property owner with land abutting, and possibly overlapping, the town-owned land known as Edes Falls Park just needed a property line. On Monday, the Naples Board of Selectmen agreed that the (former) dam in the Crooked River would become the property line. The board voted, 4-0, […]