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  • Small World: Dig out facts — don’t demonize

      By Henry Precht BN Columnist Diplomats are normally seen as mild, perhaps timid people associated with tea sipping and good manners. I suppose I could have (barely) passed for one when I was working on Iran in the State Department during the 1979-80 Iran hostage crisis. About midway in that seemingly endless contest of national […]

  • Uppermost House: And there they stood

    By S. Peter Lewis BN Columnist The man yanked his car quickly to the curb in the passenger pickup zone at the airport, jumped out without closing his door fully, and hurried toward the baggage-claim door. “I’m sorry, sir,” the security guard barked, stepping into the man’s path and holding up two enormous gloved paws. […]

  • Small World: Home on the range — under Federal care

      By Henry Precht BN Columnist Every Saturday afternoon when I was growing up, our father would take us to the double feature at the movie theater. Inevitably, one of the two films would be a cowboy drama — the lone hero standing up against various bad guys, corrupt officials or a tribe of wild […]

  • Uppermost House: Yo gramps, hoedown 1.21.16

      By S. Peter Lewis BN Columnist They’re working on the road I drive on each day, widening it and straightening out some of the kinks. Logging the edges well back and opening new vistas. When finished, I expect to be able to get to work about two minutes earlier, and I’m not sure how […]

  • Small World: Saudi Arabia and Iran — A primer

      By Henry Precht BN Columnist If the Middle East needed to add yet one more conflict, it was certainly not be the clash between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This rivalry, which is geo-political and economic in its ramification, is at heart sectarian: Sunni vs. Shia. It’s hardly a new development. So, let’s look at […]

  • LePage’s racist comment has branded Bridgton

      By Gail Geraghty BN Columnist It’s been a week full of cognitive dissonance, hasn’t it? And irony. On Tuesday Bridgton Selectmen talked about how to go about “branding” the town, but what they didn’t consider was the way we’ve already been branded as a town that tolerates and even celebrates full-blown racism. Nationally there’s […]

  • Small World: Politics from the pedestal

    By Henry Precht BN Columnist I was out for an evening stroll up by the Civil War monument not long ago when I heard a voice say, “Howdy.” An old man’s voice, cracking from disuse. I looked around. The streets were empty. Suppertime for most Bridgton people. “Up here,” the voice chuckled. Up there was […]

  • Uppermost House: The best hardest job

      By S. Peter Lewis BN Columnist “Are you coming down with something?” the man asked his daughter as he walked by. She was home for a few days of rest with her family. A much-needed break from getting her second college degree. Enjoy mom’s cooking, dad’s laughter, a few nights back in her old […]

  • Small World: What ails conservatives?

      By Henry Precht BN Columnist When we visited New York a few weeks ago, we saw an exhibition of German paintings and drawings from the period between World Wars I and II. Depicted were fat, evil-looking plutocrats, floozy women and the pitiful poor begging. That was the time of the Weimar Republic, a flaccid […]

  • Small World: Too big to succeed

      By Henry Precht BN Columnist This title is the subject of our discussion for today. Normally, its opposite meaning (“too big to fail”) is applied to the giant banks of New York. It means that their failure would have such widespread consequences that if they collapsed the damage would be too great to tolerate. […]