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  • Small World: Weather report — Snow and more

    By Henry Precht BN Columnist Thinking about what to think about this week is particularly hard. Only with considerable exertion can one see over the gigantic snow banks that block our vision of the outside world. What might be going on out there, you ask, that’s more important than getting to the store for a […]

  • Darkside of the Sun: It’s not satire

    By Mike Corrigan BN Columnist I know, I know. You’re thinking, what’s wrong with Mike, lately? He used to be so full of good ideas. And I’ll admit, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve unveiled a plan to save the world. But — here’s the unvarnished truth — I’m truly discouraged that none of […]

  • Uppermost House: Is lasagna tax deductible?

    By S. Peter Lewis BN Columnist If I’ve ranted before about taxes and you didn’t like it, you may want to skip this. If you enjoyed my past IRS histrionics, then please enter your shoe size on line 14b, divide by an ear-to-ear grin, enter the result (as a primary color) in the box marked […]

  • Earth Notes: No ‘backup’

    By Rev. Robert Plaisted           It’s a pleasure to make my first contribution to the “Earth Notes” column, which provides serious, thought-provoking ideas on the relationship between human beings and the natural world in which we live. We have no spare Earths lying around to provide sustenance for our existence, should the day come that our […]

  • Small World: A Form 1040 you could learn to love

    By Henry Precht BN Columnist I’ve started preparing my income tax return. Didn’t Obama say he was banning mental as well as physical torture? If so, he didn’t take into account those rare citizens who not only believe by paying their taxes they are buying citizenship, but who think they themselves ought to be able […]

  • Darkside of the Sun: Deflategate, She Wrote

    By Mike Corrigan BN Columnist CABOT COVE, Me. — You’ve heard about “Deflategate,” where the New England Patriots supposedly flattened footballs to the inflation levels of leechee nuts before they pasted the Indianapolis Colts in this year’s AFC Championship Game, by the score of 174-3, plus penalty corners. Something like that, anyway. The refs, who […]

  • Small World: The spring’s water

    By Henry Precht BN Columnist Four years have gone by since the “revolution” in Egypt was achieved and President Mubarak was brought down.  Back then, spirits were high and liberals from the region and outsiders knowledgeable about it were convinced that a new era had opened with the “Arab Spring.” Demonstrations spread from one dictatorship […]

  • Uppermost House: Good night upside down

    By S. Peter Lewis BN Columnist The man heard ringing and folded his book and set it down on the arm of the couch. He stood wearily, walked across the room and lifted the phone from its cradle and put it to his ear and said “hello” and heard the deep familiar voice. Happy birthday, […]

  • Small World: Guess who’s coming to visit?

    By Henry Precht BN Columnist President Obama had barely taken off his coat and tie after his State of the Union address when House Speaker Boehner announced that he had invited Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak to a joint session of the Congress. There was no advance word to the White House or the […]

  • Darkside of the Sun: What snow?

    By Mike Corrigan BN Columnist It’s 10 a.m. on a Monday night in Westbrook, Maine and you might be surprised to learn that I am still alive. From all the yelling about the Imminent Snow Event of the Century, I figured I would be dead by now, along with anyone else caught lingering in the […]