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  • Darkside of the Sun: The horror, the horror

    By Mike Corrigan BN Columnist Kids today, you’re so lucky, you could have been born decades earlier and grown up with 70s “music.” I was thinking of doing a Worst 10 Songs of All Time story and realized if I held the list to the decade of the 70s that would create a list of […]

  • Back in the Day: Bridgton’s Town Hall is 135 years old

    Bridgton’s Town Hall Is 135 Years Old Thursday June 12, 1986 Bridgton News By Tom Johnson Should days of yore e’er be forgot, And scenes of olden time? —From the dedication song of the Town Hall. 1852 On a blustery cold day in January of 1852, Bridgton residents gathered at the just completed Town Hall […]

  • Uppermost House: We have a situation

    By S. Peter Lewis BN Columnist The first clue was the pile of broken glass — it was on the wrong side of the storm door. “How did you break the window out of the door,” I asked my teenage son. “I was shooting at a crow and I missed,” he said, casually. And so […]

  • Earth Notes: The Doomsday Clock

    By Peter Bollen What is the Doomsday Clock? According to official sources, the Doomsday Clock is a symbolic clock face, representing a countdown to possible global catastrophe (e.g. nuclear war or climate change). It has been maintained since 1947 by the members of the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, […]

  • Small World: Trying to understand Iranians

    By Henry Precht BN Columnist No one can say how quickly — or even if — U.S.-Iranian relations will develop. Everything will depend on the ease or difficulty with which the final details of a deal on Iran’s nuclear program are worked out. So far, we can be encouraged by the discipline apparently enforced on […]

  • Uppermost House: Zeal of the WikiGnome

    By S. Peter Lewis BN Columnist Wikipedia is a strange organism. And the anthropomorphism is intentional. It’s like the earth’s own collaborative and constantly morphing brain. A brain of the people, by the people, and for the people. Literally unthinkable without the Internet, and utterly inevitable because of it. Sometimes awkward and irritating, occasionally unreliable […]

  • Earth Notes: On crows and computers

    By Alice Rose Driving home from work at dusk just past Deering Oaks on the approach to the law school, I’d watch the sky fill in with crows flying from all directions to the same destination, the trees along the edge of the school’s small parking lot. That was years ago now. It was a […]

  • Darkside of the Sun: When will Vronsky retire?

    By Mike Corrigan BN Columnist Victor “Vroom Vroom” Vronsky, star linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, took a cigarette from a small boy, lit it, and burned his autograph into the young child’s forehead. “Oh, thank you, V, thank you!” exclaimed the lad’s father. “Let’s see Bill Dewar’s kid top this!” And the man strode […]

  • Planning Front: Plenty happening as spring arrives

    By Anne Krieg, AICP Director of Planning, Economic & Community Development, Town of Bridgton Plenty is happening along with the March winds barreling down the streets of Bridgton! The Board of Selectmen is receiving applications for a newly created ad hoc committee called the Land Use & Zoning Committee. This committee will recommend land use/zoning […]

  • Uppermost House: What color is the dress?

    By S. Peter Lewis BN Columnist You may be the only one left alive on Planet Earth who does not have an opinion about the colors of a certain dress that popped onto the Internet on February 26 (you probably even remember where you were when the lights dimmed). I just typed the WCITD buzz-phrase […]