Rotary Good Citizen: Ben Roy

SC 17 Ben RoyBen Roy of Naples has been selected as the Bridgton-Lake Region Rotary Club’s “Citizen of the Month” for November.

Each month, the Rotary Club recognizes a Lake Region High School student who displays good citizenship and contributes to the school community. The recipient is honored at a Rotary breakfast meeting and is presented a savings bond.

Parents: Glen and Joanne Roy

Sibling: Chris Roy

Activities: Cross-Country, Indoor Track, Lacrosse, Math Team, Dirigo Boys State

Community activities: Volunteer at the New England Hemophilia Association’s Family Camp as a counselor. The camp provides families of New England that have Hemophilia in the family a place to get away from the daily stresses of everyday life and meet other families that also deal with the blood disorder.

Hobbies: Running, skiing, hiking, spending time with family and friends.

Future plans: To study industrial design in Boston and minor in Business.

Schools applied to: Wentworth Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, University of New Hampshire, Keene State, University of Maine.

What is your favorite class? BR. My favorite class would have to be Humanities with Mr. Carlson and Mrs. Gaumont. Humanities is my favorite class because of how it combines English and Social Studies together in one. Combining the classes creates a further understanding of each subject that you just don’t get without the combination of both studies. It also helps that both teachers truly care about their students and their students’ education.

What is your toughest class? BR. My toughest class would be Honors Statistics because I have always had to work harder at my math classes then all other courses. I have to put in the extra time, but it is worth it in the end.

How do you balance your class work and your extracurricular activities? BR. To balance my busy schedule, I have to set my priorities. I am a student before I am an athlete and I keep this in mind. If I have to stay after for a teacher, my coaches are very understanding. Over the years, I have learned how much time I need to finish homework and how much time my practices take everyday. This helps me balance my class work and my extracurricular activities.

What is the biggest challenge high school students face today? BR. I feel that the biggest challenge that high school students face today is how to pay for college.

Who has inspired you educationally? BR. My Mom and Dad have both inspired me educationally because they both graduated from college and have proven to me that with hard work I can accomplish anything that I want to.


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