Town, landowner agree on Edes Falls boundary

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

NAPLES — A property owner with land abutting, and possibly overlapping, the town-owned land known as Edes Falls Park just needed a property line.

On Monday, the Naples Board of Selectmen agreed that the (former) dam in the Crooked River would become the property line.

The board voted, 4-0, to establish the dam as the boundary line on the Jug Town Road side of the Crooked River. Selectman Kevin Rogers was absent.

Prior to the vote, Chairman Jim Grattelo asked the landowner if he was “comfortable with the line we are drawing?”

The property owner said yes.

Then, Grattelo asked if he would be willing to sell a small piece of the lot to the town for its park. The landowner said he would consider land negotiations. 

The Naples resident, John  Bisnet, has been trying to purchase property insurance.

However, “he has had difficulty obtaining property insurance because the property line between him and the town parcel has never been properly documented,” according to Naples Town Manager John Hawley.

“There is no true deed description for the town parcel. Mr. Bisnet’s surveyor believes his property overlaps the town property but not sure by how much because the town lacks a recorded deed description for the town parcel,” Hawley said.

“After speaking with a real estate attorney, our assessor and Mr. Bisnet, the best way to deal with the situation is to come to an agreement as to where the line should be and [for] the town to have a confirmation deed drawn up and recorded” with the Registry of Deeds, Hawley said.

The land belonging to Bisnet is one of two lots. The lot closest to the Crooked River is not buildable.

“There is a small parcel of land where you can overlook the river,” Hawley said, adding that people visiting the park sometimes trespass without knowing it.

“They are actually on his property, which he doesn’t have a problem with,” he said. But a future owner might not be so amiable, he said.

“When we looked at the property, we agreed the best place to put the property line was at the foundation of the old dam. This offers an unmistakable demarcation,” Hawley said. “In a nutshell, defining the property line at the dam clears up the dispute, offers clear markings of ownership and the town isn’t losing out other than giving up some land along the river bank that doesn’t allow access to the river anyway,” he said.

Bob Caron II talked about locating other scenic views for the public.

“If we walk the property, there might be another piece that is flatter but still has a view of the water,” Caron said.

Turpin commented on Edes Falls Park, too.

“The area is an asset and kind of a secret. People who go there, like it,” he said.

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