SAD 61 school notes

LRMS principal resigns

Peter Mortenson submitted his intention to resign as Lake Region Middle School principal, effective June 30.

“I have truly enjoyed my relationships with the students at LRMS and will miss them,” Mortenson said. “As a group, they are the nicest group of students I’ve had the pleasure to work with in my 20-plus years in education.”

Having served as LRMS principal for the past five years, Mortenson added, “The decision to leave was based on my belief that I have taken this school as far as I can toward student success and it’s time for someone else to take the next step.”

No contract for teachers

On a night when SAD 61 school board directors heard that over $1 million will need to be spent to address PCB removal involving Lake Region High School windows and doors, close to a dozen teachers stood in the back of the Stevens Brook Elementary School cafeteria holding signs.

“If you love your children love their teacher.”

“Teachers create magic moments.”

“Support teachers, support the future.”

“A living wage for quality education.”

About 160 teachers are presently working without a contract, which expired Aug. 31, 2010. Last week, SAD 61 officials and representatives of the Lake Region Teachers Association attended a preliminary mediation session. The next meeting is scheduled in March.

Bonnie Wetmore, a teacher at Songo Locks School and president of the LRTA, said staff are wearing pins to make the public aware of the contract standoff.

“If someone asks about them (the pin), we can say, ‘We are wearing them so you know that we have no contract, but we are still proud teachers of your children.’ We don’t want to affect students, but want to make a statement.”

Wetmore declined comment regarding sticky points that have prevented the LRTA and SAD 61 from reaching a new contract.

School Reports

Stevens Brook: Liam Opie won the Geography Bee while Cameron Meserve was the runner-up.

This Friday, Feb. 18, the Parent Involvement Committee has arranged a “Parent Panel,” which will discuss “effective citizens.” Community members will speak about their jobs, how they became interested in their jobs, and what education is needed to pursue those careers.

Sebago Elementary: Raymond Maher and Ashley Merrick were the school’s Geography Bee champs.

Personnel matters

Anna Walker request for a personal leave of absence for the remainder of the school year was approved;

James Thombs was approved as an annual custodian at Lake Region High School, replacing Gordon McLaren;

Logan Landry was approved as a special education technician III at Lake Region Middle School.

Elizabeth Maher was approved as an educational technician I at Stevens Brook Elementary in the Pre-K program, replacing Lori Fowler, who resigned. Ten applied for the position, four were interviewed.

Danielle Johnson was approved as a Grade 3 Teacher at Songo Locks School, replacing Anna Walker, who is on a leave of absence. Seventeen applied for the position, four were interviewed.

Carisa Miner was approved as a Title 1 educational technician III at Songo Locks School. This is a new position, funded with ARRA Title 1 funds. Five applied for the position, three were interviewed.

Eileen Tidd was approved as a Title 1 educational technician II at Songo Locks School, replacing Deborah Greenlaw, who resigned. Five applied for the position, three were interviewed.

Mary-Jayne Kobell will be a long-term substitute Grade 4 teacher at Songo Locks School effective Jan. 25, replacing Vicki Norris, who will be on a family/medical leave of absence for about six weeks. Three applied for the position, one was interviewed.

Danielle Slaney was approved as a kindergarten teacher at Stevens Brook Elementary, replacing Becci Webb, who is on a leave of absence. Ten applied for the position, four were interviewed.

Kathy Gould has resigned as a Day Treatment support technician at Stevens Brook.

John Yates has resigned as a Lake Region Middle School teacher, effective Aug. 31.

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