Preview 2011: Lake Region cheerleaders


Head Coaches: Ashleigh London and Kelley Tibbetts

Roster: Seniors Stephanie Winslow, Julia Berbel and Camilla Pasolli; juniors Sarah Curley, Kassandra Girard, Emily Secord, Rashawnda Currier and Elizabeth Mitchell; sophomores Kacie Tripp, Frances Kimball, Aime Worcester, Arianna Aaskov, Jacqueline Laurent, Ashley Fecteau and Mikayla Fortin; freshmen Brittany Perreault and Kiana Paige.

Top Returnees: Sarah Curley, Kassandra Girard, Frances Kimball, Arianna Aaskov, Kacie Tripp, Jackie Laurent and Stephanie Winslow.

What will it take for the team to be better than a year ago? “In order to make the team better than a year ago, the team must have more effective communication between the teammates and coaches, demonstrating what it means to be dedicated and excited to attend practices, games, and competitions, and uniting the team from the very first day so that working as a team will come naturally,” the coaches said.

Based on what you have seen in the preseason, what do you feel are the team’s strengths and weaknesses? “Based on what we’ve seen so far this season, we feel the team’s strengths are their ability to learn new things quickly, which is ideal for when we begin the competition routine. Their jumps have greatly improved and they’re showing a very big interest in learning new stunts,” London and Tibbetts said. “Tumbling has always been our team’s weakness as a whole, but we’re already seeing those skills improve as well.”

Three goals for this team? 1.) To build a strong sense of spirit and confidence for themselves individually and as a unit; 2.) To create a solid competition routine they’ll be proud to perform; and 3.) To have each and every one of them end the season having completed the personal goals they’ve recently set for themselves to achieve.

To be competitive, three key things our squad must do? 1.) Remain committed throughout our busy practice schedule so they never miss a chance to improve; 2.) Make sure to stay on top of their schoolwork so we never lose a teammate due to grades; and 3.) Take what their coaches have taught them and utilize it to continue working at home, as well as during practices.

What three things have you encouraged this year’s team to do? “We’ve encouraged this year’s squad to: take chances when it comes to trying something they haven’t yet tried; for the new members, to ask as many questions as possible about the sport; and for the veterans, to be leaders for the girls who are cheering for the first time; to have the girls realize that they are always representing Lake Region High School both while in school, as well as anywhere else, and to have them always be aware of their words, behavior, etiquette, and attitudes so they can create the positive reputation they’ve been wanting,” the coaches said.

What the Athletes think

What do you see as the three keys for success?

Frances Kimball: I think the key to success this season is encouragement, especially for those new athletes who have joined this season, we have a lot of them. Not just for the new athletes though, everyone this season is working toward individual goals. Everyone needs support.

Jackie Laurent: Working hard, not giving up, and lots and lots of practice!

What are you most excited about?

Frances Kimball: I am most excited about hosting Western Maine Conference (cheerleading competition) this year. Our school hasn’t hosted it in several years and I’m looking forward to the fun and challenges this will bring. Not to mention the challenges of this season in general.

Jackie Laurent: Definitely excited about hosting Western Maine Conference (competition, scheduled for January).

“We will have a good season if we…”

Frances Kimball: We’ll have a good season if we can really come together as a team.

Jackie Laurent: We’ll have a good season if we all include each other and get along, because it will be a lot more fun when we all love each other!!!

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