Player of the Week: Brooke Harriman


Brooke Harriman

Brooke Harriman

Brooke Harriman brings all of characteristics a coach looks for in a varsity-level shortstop.

She has a strong, accurate throw.

She moves well to either side, showing very good range.

She makes good decisions.

She has plenty of pop at the plate, and outstanding speed.

And, Brooke is just a freshman.

“After seeing Brooke play a couple of middle school games last year, I knew she could step in immediately and help us at the varsity level. She has all of the physical tools to become a dominant player in our league in the future,” Laker Coach Wayne Rivet said. “Like any freshman, she has had some ups and downs early on this season, but it is all part of the learning process. Brooke works hard, is a competitor, and will be one of our major building blocks moving forward. Five of our nine starters are either freshmen or sophomores. As they gain more varsity experience and develop as players, we (the coaching staff) like the potential this group has.”

Brooke showed some of her power during the Red Riot Invitational in South Portland during April vacation. Against Class A pitching, Brooke had several key hits, including a long triple.

In recognition of her strong work ethic, determination, commitment and good sportsmanship, Brooke is this week’s Boosters and Hancock Lumber “Player of the Week.” Each week, a Lake Region athlete is recognized for his/her dedication (does more than what is asked), work ethic, coachability and academic good standing. Recipients receive a specially-designed t-shirt, sponsored by Hancock Lumber.

The Harriman File

Athlete: Brooke Harriman

Year in School: Freshman

Hometown: Sebago

Parents: Maureen and Chris Harriman

Sports you play: Soccer, basketball, softball

School organizations: Varsity Club

School honors: Player of the Week

Why did you choose to play softball? I have been playing softball for as long as I can remember. I have always just had a heart for it.

What is the most difficult part of the game? I think the most difficult part of the game is when we get down on ourselves, it is really hard to get our attitude back up to being positive, but luckily we have people on our team that won’t accept people getting down on themselves.

What do you enjoy the most about the sport? I enjoy the team that I have. I don’t think that this sport would be as fun if I didn’t have the team I play with, let alone any sport really.

What do you feel you need to work on and why? I feel we need to work on our confidence, mostly when we start to slip and fall behind. For example, sometimes we let one bad play lead to another and I think we need to work on how to turn the page.

Why is teamwork important? Without teamwork nothing can get accomplished to its full potential. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and when we work together it makes our team much stronger. One person who has taught me how important teamwork is Coach True.

What is the biggest impact your coach(es) have had on you? I am very lucky to have the coaches I do. Every coach has something different to offer. Whether it is Coach Rock with his great advice, passion for us to do the best we can, and the sharing of his Paydays; Coach Boody who always keeps us going and our spirits high; Coach Fernald who has always made softball fun for me; and Coach Rivet who makes you want to give it your all, but also knows when you need to limit yourself.

How do you want people to view you as an athlete? When I was younger, I always looked up to the older players and wanted nothing more than to be like them. I hope younger kids look up to me in that way. As for the adults, I want to show my full potential and prove to everyone whoever doubted me or any of my teams wrong.

Ten years from now, when you look back on your high school sports career, what do you think you will remember most? When I look back 10 years from now I won’t remember playing. I will remember all the friends I made and how they impacted me. I have met some of the best people playing as a LAKER.

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