Passing of the Chalmers’ torch

THE NEXT GENERATION Jim Chalmers (son of Bruce and Laurie Chalmers) and Dottie Chalmers Cutter (daughter of Bill and Beverly Chalmers) took over ownership of the Chalmers Insurance Group on Jan. 1, 2018.

The Chalmers Insurance torch has been passed.

“It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that we announce that Bruce and Bill Chalmers will be transferring ownership of the Chalmers Insurance Group to the fourth generation of Chalmers family members, Jim Chalmers and Dottie Chalmers Cutter, effective Jan. 1, 2018,” the company announced.

“Bill and I proudly leave the Chalmers Insurance Group in the hands of a leadership team that has largely been together since 2014 and the 86 co-workers, who each day carry on the 160-year tradition of providing quality insurance products and financial security to our community-based neighbors with personal and friendly service,” said Bruce Chalmers, who has been chairman of the board and joined the family business in 1960.

Bill Chalmers, previously co-owner and serving as general manager and treasurer, added, “Our transition to the fourth generation has been carefully planned to set a balance for our entire family. Bruce and I are very proud of the end results and look forward to mentoring when asked. We are confident in Jim and Dottie’s abilities as leaders, combined with the experience, vision, and expertise of Steve Cote (president) to take Chalmers Insurance Group into the future and hopefully into the hands of the fifth generation.”

Cote noted, “The Chalmers brothers have worked side-by-side in this widely-respected family business for 44 years, cultivating impressive growth and sustained triumph through building strong relationships, making strategic acquisitions and actively supporting their communities and causes for which they are passionate. I am forever grateful for the life and business lessons learned through the words and actions of Bruce and Bill.”

Dottie previously served as vice president of operations in the areas of commercial lines, personal lines and agency assistance. Jim was vice president of sales for commercial lines and summer camps.

Bruce and Bill will assume new roles as valued directors and mentors (and, of course, continue as great dads!). Meanwhile, Jim and Dottie are “proud and honored” to embrace a rare opportunity to steward their family’s organization to the fifth generation.

“This is an exciting time to be in Insurance and to own and operate a business. Our industry and consumer demands are more diverse and complicated than ever before. Future success requires mindful planning and fearless execution – adapting to new times and differentiating from the competition in meaningful ways that bring value to all relationships,” said Dottie and Jim. “We are privileged to partner with our management team and co-workers to address these challenges head on – to support a more innovative and engaging workplace and offer a more interactive and resourceful risk management experience for our clients. We are most thankful to our dads for a tremendous opportunity and for their trust in us to take this great family-owned and operated business into the future.”

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