Election ’14: House District 68


John Nostin Republican

John Nostin

District Makeup: In Cumberland County, the municipalities of Baldwin, Naples and Sebago; and in York County, the municipality of Cornish; and part of the municipality of Parsonsfield east and north of a line described as follows: Beginning at the point where Federal Road intersects with the Parsonsfield-Porter boundary; then southeast along the center line of Federal Road until it intersects with Elm Street; then southwest and then south along the center line of Elm Street until it intersects with Pendexter Road; then northeast along the center line of Pendexter Road until it intersects with Orchard Road;  then southeast along the center line of Orchard Road until it intersects with the northwestern boundary of Block 2053 of Tract 022500; then southeast along the boundary of Block 2053 of Tract 022500 until it intersects with Road Between the Ponds; then southeast along the center line of Road Between the Ponds until it intersects with Joe Berry Road; then south along the center line of Joe Berry Road until it intersects with the Parsonsfield-Cornish boundary.
Candidates: D-Christine Powers, R-John Nostin
Background/Political experience:
Nostin: Resident of Naples; member of Republican Party for over 40 years.
Powers: Resident of Naples; incumbent; Maine State Representative 2012 to present; member of Naples Board of Selectmen June 2002 to May 2014; worked in the Technology Department of SAD 61; volunteered in SAD 61 from 1994–2007; Children’s Librarian at the Naples Public Library from 1999 to 2008 and Director from 2011 to present; secretary and board member, Lakes Environmental Association, 2005–2009, secretary of the board from 2006–2008; member, Association of Computer Technology Educators of Maine, Augusta; member, Comprehensive Plan Committee, Naples, 2005–2007; member, Habitat for Humanity Committee, Naples, 2005–2006; currently working with members of the Naples Board of Selectmen to start a committee to establish a town charter.
Q. Why did you become interested in seeking political office?
Nostin: I decided to seek political office because I don’t want to leave debt to our children and grandchildren. Maine has a need for representation with an understanding on how the economy works and what it will take to attract businesses to Maine. This is how we can increase the state’s revenue and can lower taxes, especially for the middle class.
Powers: When my daughter started kindergarten in 1994, I received a very quick lesson on the importance of participating in your community by volunteering. After volunteering for many years, working for a nonprofit, working in the public schools and attending town meetings, I thought the Naples Board of Selectmen would be a good fit for me. I decided to run for that office in the winter of 2002 and was elected that spring. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career and I’ve made lifelong friends as a bonus.
Q. What experiences (life, business, etc.) do you believe make you a strong candidate to serve area residents in Augusta?
Nostin: I have over 35 years of experience in the Information Technology field as a software developer, consultant and program manager. I spent 12 years in Washington, D.C., managing programs, during which time I learned how the federal government works, and how inefficient it is. State government is similar and that needs to change so we can save Maine taxpayers money.

Christine Powers Democrat

Christine Powers

I also proudly served in the U.S. Air Force. My local community service includes: Friends of the Naples Public Library, volunteer in Police Service for the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office, past director and secretary of the Naples Lions Club, volunteer for the Crosswalk Community Outreach food bank and Master Gardener of their produce garden.
I love life, Maine and the U.S.A. I’ve been married for 38 years and I am blessed.
Powers: Maine has a Citizen Legislature. In this time of divisiveness in politics, it is critical to elect public servants who have an occupation in their communities to represent in Augusta. There is little more powerful for understanding the needs of your constituents than if you are a witness to that need first hand.
Q. There is always talk about politicians being able to “work both sides of the aisle” to tackle various issues. Speak specifically as to what you believe it takes to be successful in this area.
Nostin: The key words in being able to work both sides of the aisle are to “listen and compromise.” Although both parties may have opposing views on an issue everyone deserves their views to be heard. In most cases, we can find bipartisan agreement and then create legislation that is in the best interest of Mainers.
Powers: A great many residents of Naples supported me in four elections for the board of selectmen and again in the fall of 2012 when I first ran for state representative. Much of that support in 2012 was based on my decade of service on the board of selectmen, and a reputation for not only providing a voice for those who hold similar beliefs to mine, but also a willingness to work with those who hold different beliefs. I have worked diligently in the last two years to work in that same fashion in Augusta.
Q. What do you believe are the three major, pressing issues facing Maine and local communities, and specifically address how you would propose to address them?
Nostin: First and foremost, I will ask the following question for any legislation that requires funding: “How are we going to pay for it?” More taxing and borrowing are not the answers.
I will sponsor and/or support legislation to:
• Reduce High Energy Costs to promote a pro-business climate. Families and business cannot afford high energy costs. High energy costs and high taxes have contributed to an unfriendly business climate and a far too high cost of living for Maine families.
• I will support regulatory reforms that will fuel healthy, robust economic growth, creating more good paying jobs for Maine people.
• Achieve welfare security and reform. Preserve welfare for the truly needy to protect their safety net. Stop welfare dollars being spent out of state, at casinos, liquor stores, strip clubs. Promote independence and self-sufficiency through job assistance programs. Provide strong oversight to ensure integrity in our programs that are essential to supporting our seniors, disabled, and children.  Stop waste, abuse, and fraud of the welfare system.
• Support Maine seniors and Maine veterans. Fight any attempt by Washington politicians to cut seniors Medicare safety net. Provide our veterans the support and assistance that they have earned and deserve.
• Reduce high energy costs and protect affordable energy options.
• Fight for conditions that will lower property taxes to help seniors stay in their homes.
• Sponsor legislation to reduce or eliminate the state income tax. This would benefit seniors as well as all working and retired Mainers.
When elected by the people of House District 68, I will work on their behalf to bring prosperity, protection, and make sure we have the way life should be here in Maine.
Powers: It’s difficult to choose three, but right now the economy, taxes and education concerns are at the top of most people’s list of concerns.
Maine’s economy depends on our natural resources, and so do our quality of life and our public health. In Augusta, I support investing in renewable energy sources that will not only attract jobs but also protect Maine’s natural resources and preserve Maine’s centuries old tradition of being a vacation destination for the world. With my technology and public library background, I also hope to be part of a conversation seeking solutions for an overhaul of the technology infrastructure in the state of Maine that would help to attract good paying jobs.
I will keep casting votes to protect our local municipalities from the trend to shift the burden of funding state government to municipalities. I will also listen to any ideas on how to shift the weight of the tax burden away from the property tax, which has become too overwhelming for too many Maine residents.
I will also continue the fight to protect our public schools and work to find solutions to ensure our workforce is exceptionally talented by investing in education and career opportunities that will keep young people in Maine. This will help our workers earn a better paycheck and ensure that small businesses have a talented workforce to hire as they look to expand and grow.
Q. While campaigning, what issue seems to be at the forefront of most voters’ minds, offer some examples of comments made, and give your opinion on that subject.
Nostin: Economy and jobs. Under Governor Paul LePage, the economy has improved in Maine. However, we need to do more to create additional high paying jobs for Mainers by attracting new businesses to Maine. I’ve heard the following from people I’ve met, “I’m unemployed and I want to work, but I cannot find work.” We need to match skills to jobs and to provide skill training for those in need.
Powers: People are very concerned about taxes and jobs, but as we enter the heating season here in Maine (after such an expensive season last year) renewable energy has also become a very hot topic. Given Maine’s natural resources this should be one of those instances we hear, “as Maine goes, so goes the nation.” Keeping Maine families warm, lowering energy costs, and protecting natural resources are critical to our state's future. I support investing in new energy-saving technologies and weatherizing our homes and businesses, and offering incentives as one part of that investment. The best way to reduce energy consumption is through conservation, but we should also explore the technology of accessing the multitude of resources we have such as the sun, wind, bioenergy, geothermal energy, ocean energy and more.
Q. How do you plan to keep constituents up-to-date with issues that come before you?
Nostin: Keeping my constituents informed will be a substantive part of my job. As a retiree my time will be available to rapidly reply to all constituent calls and concerns. Open meetings will be structured in all district towns using my newfound friends from the campaign trail and local medias. I’ll be available via phone, and all forms of media, including a column in local print media. Listening and communicating are my personal strengths.
Powers: I will continue to send out a regular electronic newsletter to my constituents, regular mailings, stay in touch with e-mail and host office hours at local businesses in the district that I serve. I also enjoy using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to keep people informed, as well as my website- HYPERLINK "http://www.christinepowers.me" www.christinepowers.me. I will continue to attend events in the communities in my district as I have done in recent weeks in Cornish and Sebago as I try to introduce myself to the new communities that I hope to serve.
Q. Finally, answer the following, “I would be the best candidate for this job because…”
Nostin: My work ethic and available time for reflection will enable me to study all legislation with a conservative eye. “How will we pay for this legislation?” Certainly, more taxes and debt do not represent fundable streams of revenue. The time is here to balance out a strong fiscal approach to government. Understanding this concept will make me a candidate who will work to improve conditions here in Maine for all citizens.
As a local volunteer for many years, my concerns for Mainers are paramount. My focus on improving the function of government to bring in additional revenues through growth not over taxation will enable a healthier economy for Maine.
I support: our seniors and veterans, welfare reform, pro-business, fiscal control, fair and increased funding for education to towns without increasing property taxes, fundamental right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms and protecting Maine’s sporting traditions of hunting, fishing and hiking to preserve our outdoor heritage for generations to come.
Powers: I would be the best candidate for the job because after 20 years of serving my community in Naples as a volunteer and a selectman, and two years of service in Augusta, I understand how important it is to be a public servant rather than a politician. I continue to be humbled by that public service and the faith that people have placed in me to provide that service. Most people are disillusioned by politics, as am I. I will continue to work for what is best for the constituents of District 68 and the citizens of Maine; not what is best for me or for party politics.

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