Correction: Kinney wins House 99 seat

HOUSE 99 winner is Jonathan Kinney

CORRECTION — Republican Jonathan Kinney of Limington is the winner of the House District 99 race.

The News incorrectly reported in its print edition that Kinney gained just 196 votes in Limington. A BN employee incorrectly logged the vote tally provided by the Limington Town Office. The actual number was 1,102, which resulted in Kinney winning the race with a total of 2,410 votes to Democratic candidate Lee Goldsberry’s 1,642. Independent Elihu Upham had 706 votes.

Here’s the correct town-by-town breakdown:


Upham 77

Kinney 366

Goldsberry 291


Upham 47

Kinney 259

Goldsberry 406


Upham 195

Kinney 268

Goldsberry 170


Upham 169

Kinney 1102

Goldsberry 474


Upham 218

Kinney 415

Goldsberry 301



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