Change could be many a Monday away

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

NAPLES – It sounds like that song by The Mamas and The Papas: Monday, Monday.

A series of national holidays falling on Monday put the Naples Board of Selectmen on a different meeting schedule than its regular first and third Mondays.

However, the most recent meeting postponement happened because of a lack of quorum. The Jan. 22 meeting was moved to Jan. 29.

Therefore, this upcoming Monday, the board will find itself gathering on the fifth Monday of the month.

During the first meeting of the New Year, the board agreed to the second the fourth Monday – mostly because of conflicting holidays.

“Until we get our town manager squared away, we should do the second and fourth Monday,” Selectman Rich Cebra said.

Those dates are: Feb. 12, Feb. 26, March 12 and March 26.

Chairman Jim Grattelo said there has been some talk about moving the Naples selectmen’s meetings to Tuesday.

“A lot of the staff ends up leaving” the office because the Town Hall closes at noon on Monday, Grattelo said. So, when employees are asked to be present because of an agenda item, they have to travel back to the town office.

“My recommendation would be to revisit this” once new hire John Hawley starts his job as the new town manager, Grattelo said.

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