To can the trash, or not?

By Gail Geraghty

Staff Writer

The simple service of providing trash cans at Bridgton’s town beaches came into question recently, when Selectman Greg Watkins asked why there wasn’t a trash receptacle at Woods Pond Beach.

“All of the town parks are carry-in, carry-out,” Public Works Director Jim Kidder said.

Turns out, however, that Highland Lake Beach does have a trash can, located near the public bathrooms. Kidder said that the town decided several years ago not to provide trash cans at the beaches, because of the headaches they cause.

“A lot of people refuse to go to the transfer station,” said Kidder, referring in particular to in-town residents.

“The more trash cans we put out, the more household trash we get in them. We just decided to do away with them.”

Watkins said he thought the town should be consistent with a policy — either provide them or don’t provide them — regarding the town beaches.

“I’d just like us to be consistent,” he said.

In another summer-related concern, Selectman Bob McHatton, who is in charge of the town’s Fourth of July Parade, said organizers next year will be restricting persons on all floats and vehicles in the parade from throwing out candy. Parade participants who are marching on foot in the parade, however, will be allowed to pass out candy to children lining the parade route.

The policy change comes after Selectman Chairman Bernie King said he was alarmed to see children dashing out in front of moving vehicles in the parade to be the first to grab candy thrown in the street. King noted that children have been killed doing that elsewhere in the country.

McHatton also noted that two sections along the parade route will be designated next year as “quiet zones” to address the needs of those who do not want to hear fire or rescue truck sirens blaring while they watch the parade.

Other concerns voiced by the board at the July 28 meeting were as follows:

  • Evidence of erosion at the Highland Lake Boat Ramp;
  • Evidence of “rampant” poison ivy near the corner of Routes 93 and 302, just in on the Sweden Road, posing a threat to people walking their dogs;
  • The need to replace or remove a rusty sign directing people to Salmon Point;
  • Temporary “No Parking” signs on Depot Street that were not holding up to the weather.
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