Songo Lock will open for boats on Sat. June 23

AUGUSTA — The lock at Songo Lock State Historic Site, a part of Sebago Lake State Park, Casco, will open to boat traffic at 9 a.m. Saturday, June 23, according to Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands officials.

The lock has been closed to boat traffic for more than two weeks because of heavy rains earlier this month and increased water levels in ponds and lakes in the surrounding area.

The heavy flow of water and increased lake levels required the opening of all of the flood control gates. The gates have remained open to allow Brandy Pond and Long Lake water levels to recede to more normal levels, Park Manager Matt McGuire of Sebago Lake State Park, said.

"We want to remind boaters that some of the flood control measures will remain open at the lock, so boaters will need to be cautious of the current," McGuire said.

At its peak, the water level at the lock was more than 2 feet above normal. The water level still is about 1.5 feet higher than normal, the park manager said.

"All people and fishermen who want go down to the lock need to be very careful," McGuire once again warned. "The water continues to be swift and high."

For more information, contact Matt McGuire, park manager, at: 693-6231.

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