Pot moratorium? Naples voters to decide

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

NAPLES — The vote on a townwide Marijuana Moratorium will predate the expiration of the state’s moratorium.

In fact, the town’s moratorium should be presented to the public for a vote in November, according to Naples Board Chairman Jim Grattelo.

Resident Roger Clement asked about the status of moratorium during Monday’s meeting.

“We are waiting for the Ordinance Review Committee to [finish] the two ordinances that the committee has been looking at,” Chairman Grattelo said, referring to the Naples Sign Ordinance clarifications.

Another, unrelated matter is putting Madison Heights on the town’s wintertime maintenance list, Grattelo said. During the time it takes to get all the ducks in a row for Madison Heights plowing to be a warrant article, the town will also have prepared a draft of the marijuana moratorium.

Both items will be presented to residents for a decision during a Special Town Meeting, Grattelo said.

“The town has to vote on the moratorium. It is a town vote,” he said.

The residents are the legislative arm of the Town of Naples and any moratorium must be approved in this manner.

“My guess is this vote will take place sometime this November,” he said.

Then, Grattelo addressed the audience in the room and watching the live video on LRTV,

“Just so everyone knows, it is the wishes to go in the direction of a moratorium.”

Selectman Rich Cebra said, “There is a statewide moratorium on growing it” for recreational use.

Grattelo said the code enforcement office will put a hold on permits because of the pending moratorium. Even if the town does not have one in place, it is covered by the statewide pot law moratorium. When it is allowed, there are only so many licenses that will be issued.

“It is coming to a town meeting soon. It is a question that is coming soon,” Grattelo said.

Perhaps, not soon enough for one resident — as evidenced by Clement’s next comment.

“Your definition of soon is the beginning of November,” he said.

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