Nude dancing rumor unveiled

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

NAPLES – The truth was unveiled about nude dancing at a soon-to-be open drinking establishment off Route 11. It is not going to happen.

“Being a small town, we have heard that rumor, and we can get it squashed now,” Naples Selectman Rick Paraschak said on Monday during a public hearing for the new business’s liquor license and special amusement permits.

“I am glad to hear that there will be no nude entertainment,” Paraschak said.

Not only had the rumor of nude entertainment circulated around town, but also an anonymous resident had formally complained to Town Manager Derik Goodine that the establishment was going to be used for nude dancing, and on Oct. 29, nude dancing had occurred at a private party.

The Town of Naples has an ordinance, which prohibits nudity at any business that serves alcohol — and the ordinance has been on the books for decades, Goodine said. The ordinance bans nude entertainment for private parties as well, he said.

Businessman Milton Rivers and Manager Rick Thompson spoke on the behalf of Doc’s Saloon, saying they were aware of the ordinance and had no such plans for the new venture.

The building, which is owned by Doug Smith, was formerly Redneck Lounge and prior to that, Shaker’s. The Redneck Lounge relocated to Bridgton in October.

Rivers said he hoped Doc’s Saloon would be open before mid-November because he already had events scheduled.

Thompson explained Doc’s Saloon would have entertainment similar to when it was the Redneck Lounge — with bands and dancing. He also compared it to North Shore Tavern. One of the plans was to establish pool leagues and dart leagues to draw crowds, Thompson said.

The special amusement permit would be used for bands. Jukebox would be the primary source of music during the week, and bands would play during the weekend, he said.

Paraschak asked about the noise levels.

“With the Redneck, there were some noise concerns during the week days,” he said. “The noise issues usually don’t go away with the change of ownership.”

Thompson asked about decibel-level meters, and the possibility of using one. Then, he assured the board the noise levels would be monitored and controlled.

“We will have control of the sound box, and how loud the music is,” owner Rivers said, explaining he would be able to lower the volume from the bar.

Also, the men said they had no plans for outdoor seating — which the former business had established during the summer months. They planned to provide a small outdoor smoking area in the parking lot.

Following the public hearings, the selectmen approved both a liquor license and the special amusement permit for Doc’s Saloon.

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