No Tour de Lovell this August

The Tour de Lovell has a flat tire.

“There will be no Tour de Lovell this year,” Race Director Jan Newhouse reported Tuesday. “Many thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors and riders who have participated and made this a fun event to have in Lovell.”

Newhouse noted, “I find that I don’t have the energy to organize the Tour de Lovell, however I have been riding and hope to able have an informal ride on Saturday the 11th (August).”

The Tour reached its 15th, and apparently last, year in July 2017 with 53 adult riders taking on the scenic yet quite challenging 21.3-mile course and 10 kids taking part in the youth race.

Cyclists like Mark Huston of Jamaica Plain, Mass. will miss the Lovell Tour. When the race’s future was in doubt in 2015, Huston said the Tour de Lovell is the sporting highlight of his year.

“I can play out my Walter Mitty Tour de France fantasies. I am 59 years old and have been cycling since I was a teenager. My wife and I have entered the Tour de Lovell five times over the years. It is great fun to research training ideas and try to improve my performance,” he said.

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