In a league of her own: Kate Hall sets two new all-time N.E. marks

KATE HALL, a senior at Lake Region High School, set two all-time New England marks in the 55-meter dash and long jump at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. (File Photo)

KATE HALL, a senior at Lake Region High School, set two all-time New England marks in the 55-meter dash and long jump at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. (File Photo)

By Wayne E. Rivet

Staff Writer

No one in New England has ever run faster than Kate Hall of Casco, and no one has ever jumped farther.

The Lake Region senior closed out her high school indoor career in record-setting fashion at the New England Championships held over the weekend at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston, Mass.

Kate is the NE champion in the 55 meters and long jump.

She had the top time in the 55-meter trials.  Her time was 7.06 seconds, which has been a normal time for her this season, but shy of her personal record (PR) of 6.99 seconds set in January. She blasted the final in 6.95 seconds for a new PR, which also broke the New England all-time best time of 6.96 seconds set in 1999! Kate’s 6.95-second time ranks fourth in the United States this season.

“The regular season meets — for me — are really just meets to help me prepare for the big meets like States, New Englands and Nationals. I wasn’t expecting to run a 6.95 before New Englands because I knew if I did it, it would be when I had some really great competition,” Kate said. “Not only that, but the workouts I have been doing were designed to make me peak right around the big meets. I knew I could run 6.95 or better all season, although I knew it wouldn’t be until these big meets.”

Kate’s long jump flight started within minutes of the 55m performance.

“Every meet, I have to deal with this. Usually, the long jump may interfere with the 55m or vice versa. However for this meet, I almost thought it was a good thing that they may be happening at the same time,” Kate said. “One reason is because it enables me to stay loose throughout everything. The other reason is that I was hoping if I posted a really good 55m time, it would help relax me for the long jump. I knew that I would be thinking in my mind that I already accomplished a huge goal, so I didn’t have anything to worry about as far as long jump went. Luckily, things ended up working out the way I had hoped and I was definitely a lot more relaxed and confident going into long jump.”

Her first jump — 18-feet, 1-inch — qualified for the finals. Her second jump — 20-feet, 2-inches — was a new PR and broke the meet record of 19-feet set in 2006! That jump was within an inch of the all-time New England best, also set in 2006. On her fourth jump, Kate broke that all-time record with a jump of 20 feet, 6 inches.

Kate is still ranked #1 in the United States for the long jump.

“All year, I had been wanting to jump 20 feet. When I did it earlier in the season, I knew without a doubt that I could go farther and break the New England record. That record and the 55m New England record were definitely my top goals throughout the season. I knew in my mind that if I could hit the board, then I could do it,” she said. “My second jump, I jumped 20-2, and it really gave me confidence knowing that I still had four more jumps to go. On my first jump in the finals, I jumped 20-6 and I was so overjoyed and grateful. When I saw the tape read ‘20-6,’ I looked up at my coach and Dad in the stands and just smiled. They knew from just that I had done it. Not only could I not believe that I broke the New England record, but I couldn’t believe that I was half way to 21 feet.”

Leaving the Reggie Lewis Center with two N.E. records, Kate had realized her season-long goal and made all those long hours training worthwhile.

“It meant absolutely everything for me to achieve those records. Like I mentioned before, they were my top goals all season and the reason I trained hard all year. Going into New Englands, I knew it would be my last time running the 55m ever and also my last chance to set the all time New England record,” Kate said. “The past couple weeks, I had been decreasing in volume and increasing in intensity in my workouts order to get the best results. In practices, my jumps reached the mid-19s, which has never happened before. This was a real indicator that I was ready to run faster and jump farther than ever.”

Having been to New Englands on other occasions also helped in her quest.

“Yes, it definitely helps. I’ve gotten a feel for how each event and how the check in process works throughout the years. It’s similar to Nationals. The first year I went, it was somewhat overwhelming for me, but the next year I knew what to expect and learned from the previous year,” she said. “The more you know about the venue and the event process, the more relaxed and confident you’ll be.”

Kate will compete in the National championships at the Armory in New York City on the weekend of March 13-15.

“She will be seeking one of her biggest goals she has been trying to earn during her high school career — to be a National champion!” Lake Region Coach Mark Snow said. “I am confident her consistent preparation, her mental toughness and her ability to rise up for the big meets has put her in a great position to earn this lofty title.”

Kate is also up for the National Girls Performances of the Week. This is the fourth time Kate has been nominated this season. To support Kate, go to the following link and vote:

“I just want to thank everyone so much for all of the support and kindness throughout the season!” Kate added. “It truly means a lot to me.”

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