Harrison sets mill rate at $10.20

HARRISON — Selectmen at the July 19 meeting voted to set the mill rate for the 2013 fiscal year at $10.20 per thousand, which is six cents less than the amount projected at Town Meeting.

Harrison’s overall budget, approved by voters, reflects a $223,881 increase in taxes, $.35 per thousand or 3.6%.

“Nobody prefers taxes to go up, well, heck, we don’t even like taxes at all for the most part, but when compared with many other similar communities we have done well this year,” Town Manager George “Bud” Finch said in his weekly update. “Thanks to the staff on the municipal side for all they have done in the name of productivity improvements and cost avoidance to hold our portion of the expenses down.”

Finch said the increase breaks down as follows;

• $152,257 or 68% for education

• $4,595 or 2.1% for county tax

• $67,029 or 29.9% for municipal services.

Selectmen also scheduled the Fiscal Year 2013 Tax Commitment Date for Monday, Au. 6.


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