Future of Naples golf course uncertain; shareholders to meet Monday to discuss options

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

NAPLES — The future of the Naples Golf and Country Club, Inc., is swinging in the balance.

The company’s Board of Directors meeting on Monday night will have some bearing on the next step for the local recreational business.

“Where we are at right now is we have a shareholder’s meeting set for Monday, where all of this will be discussed and decided,” said Allen Faraday, who is the president of the board of directors. “Right now, there isn’t anything concrete happening.”

“The only thing that is out there is that we have sent a letter to the shareholders about this meeting, where we are at, and what is on the table. It’s still up in the air,” Faraday added.

The future of the course is going to be discussed, according to the letter which stockholders received, Faraday confirmed. The letter cited a decrease in golf revenues, and a national trend toward that and a desire for shareholders to recoup their investments.

“In 2017 at the end of the season, golf play revenue showed a decline…from the previous year, [following] a national trend in the golf industry,” the letter said.

Apparently, people who have received this letter have shared the contents with people in the community.

According to one resident, “There are at least 100 people in Naples who have seen the letter.”

“I can confirm that there is a letter. That letter does exist. That letter has gotten around,” the resident said.

Dick Dyke is one of the owners of the Naples Golf & Country Club. Dyke also owns Windham Weaponry.

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