Favorable marks given to redesigned Woods Pond Village project

By Wayne E. Rivet

Staff Writer

A major redesign of the proposed Woods Pond Village subdivision scored high marks with Bridgton planners.

Initially, the plan called for a 55-lot project on the 54-acre property in South Bridgton, off Route 117 — about 1.3 miles from the Woods Pond boat launch. The land is owned by Ira Sochet Revocable Trust.

After density concerns were raised, Project Manager Betty LeGoff said the subdivision was reconfigured. Instead of developing 18 lots on the East side, the new design calls for 12 one-acre lots. Now, no lots encroach on the landing turtle restricted area, which was a request from Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

There will be a turnaround at the end of the roadway, some common areas, a cluster mailbox system and there will no longer be a walking bridge over Day Brook connecting the East and West sides.

LeGoff said the project’s goal is to provide “affordable” housing for adults over the age of 50 — thus meeting a directive of Bridgton’s Comprehensive Plan.

Initially, the West Side called for 36 lots, but now has been scaled back to 15 lots at about 10,000 square feet each (space would allow for 19 lots). Wells (seven units per well) and septic will be located outside lot parameters, and a cluster mailbox system used.

Planners praised LeGoff’s “cooperation” in addressing concerns raised and revamping the project to be a better fit for the site.

“I want to acknowledge the help from our former Community Development Director, Audrey Knight, who helped all of us get to a much neater project,” Miller pointed out.

Planner Ken Gibbs asked LeGoff to bring a more detailed rendering of the development to the May hearing.

Planners will review the entire package on May 1 at 6 p.m. and then hold a public hearing on May 15 at 6 p.m. Collins reminded LeGoff to notify all abutters about the hearing.

Before leaving, LeGoff asked the board if after nine months of work and serious adjustments made to the proposal whether the project had their support?

Code Enforcement Officer Rob Baker chimed in saying LeGoff had produced everything that the board had asked of her.

Board Chairman Steve Collins said planners viewed the project “very favorably,” while Miller said the board was “grateful” regarding LeGoff’s cooperation during the review process.

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