Child pulled from Brandy Pond

By Lisa Williams Ackley
Staff Writer

NAPLES — A young child reported to have drowned in Brandy Pond Monday night was revived and airlifted to a Portland hospital, police said.

The unidentified 17-month-old boy “was found in the water face down and unresponsive” and pulled from the pond by an adult, shortly before 7 p.m. on June 27, according to Captain Don Goulet of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

A Cumberland County dispatcher instructed the adults who rescued the child from the pond on how to administer CPR by talking them through it, until rescue personnel arrived on the scene, Captain Goulet said.

The boy was transported to Bridgton Hospital by Naples Rescue personnel. He was then transferred to Maine Medical Center via LifeFlight where his condition was not known Tuesday afternoon.

“We responded, because the initial (9-1-1) call looked like a drowning,” Capt. Goulet said Tuesday. “Two adults were watching six children at a residence on Shorewood Drive and they lost track of one of them.”

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office investigation is continuing, according to Goulet.

“Law enforcement was initially called in, because the child was unresponsive when they found him,” Capt. Goulet stated. “Now, we need to find out how the child wound up in the water and to make sure there are no child welfare issues.”

Three deputies responded to the scene in Naples, while a detective went to Maine Medical Center, said Capt. Goulet.

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