Casco man needs lawyer to get on agenda


By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

CASCO – A Casco resident with some concerns about the value and size of his property will have to hire a lawyer to be placed on the Casco Board of Selectmen’s agenda.

For about a half year, one of David Kimball’s requests has been to be put on the agenda. During public participation time, he asks for a spot on the selectmen’s agenda.

Several months ago, Chairman Holly Hancock told Kimball that in order to be placed on the agenda, he would have to hire an attorney. This request has been repeated during meetings this fall and winter.

Here is an example of the dialogue that took place during the public participation time when Kimball had the floor on Sept. 27. Since then, the title search has been completed, revealing that the .07 acres of lakefront land was not included in what was sold to Kimball.

“Did anyone look at what I gave you,” Kimball said to the board on Sept. 27. He was referring to the 40-plus pages of documents that he had acquired through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the Town of Casco.

“We don’t have authority to address the issues you have.” Chairman Hancock said.

Kimball said, “‘We’ don’t know what issues I have to address.”

Hancock offered a list of what the town had already done to address his requests and inquiries.

“We have a title search being done. We presented you with the documents that you requested. A survey is what you need,” she said.

Kimball said, “This goes back to Wells Fargo. These people I bought it from have been (Casco residents) forever. The land they owned on Parker Pond has been manipulated.”

“Why don’t you put me on the agenda,” Kimball said.

Hancock said, “We have looked at everything. We have tried to work with you. We have advised you” to hire a land surveyor and also to hire an attorney for the purpose of being on the agenda.”

Kimball turned his attention to the entire board, saying, “Every one of you has had a chance to look at it.”

“Please make a note of the position that you have taken.

I have given you more than enough to raise suspicion. This isn’t Wall Street. This isn’t Main Street. This is Meadow Road,” Kimball said.

As of the most recent meeting, the board’s offer still stands. If Kimball hires an attorney, he will be placed on the agenda.

Prior to the meeting on Dec. 6, he told a selectman, “I am not going away.”

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