Casco Cares

By Dawn De Busk
Staff Writer

CASCO – In an action that brought closure to a 10-month-long problem regarding money donated to assist those in need, the Casco Board of Selectpersons on Tuesday approved the transfer of funds from a frozen town account to a newly formed non-profit with 501 c 3 status.

More than half a dozen community members recently formed Casco Cares, a non-profit with its own bank account at Evergreen Credit Union. The mission would be to use donated funds to provide fuel and food for residents who find themselves without. The group presented professional-looking packets to each board member in an attempt to provide more details about Casco Cares.

The only vote against the transfer of funds was Selectman Ray Grant, who said he would have liked more time to look over the information about Casco Cares.

“I’m not prepared to vote to give money to an organization without asking questions first. I don’t want to do it in haste,” Grant said. “In the next two weeks, no one is going to need fuel assistance.”

Audience members who spoke expressed that two more minutes was long enough to wait for a resolution, let alone two more weeks.

Someone suggested the board support the transfer of funds and add language so nothing happens until the town’s attorney reviewed the paperwork. Grant said he still wouldn’t vote for it.

But, Chairwoman Barbara York was prepared with a very detailed motion upon which the board could vote.  The moment board members raised their hands to a “yes” vote, the mood in the room was both elation and relief.

“I guess we’re all getting pretty tired of this issue,” resident Wayne Ward said.

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