Bridgton Town Manager’s report

Bridgton Town Manager Mitch Berkowitz gave his manager report, at Tuesday night’s selectmen’s meeting, which included an update on the status of hiring a new police chief and who has been appointed to the positions of Emergency Management Director and Waste Water Supervisor.

Personnel updates —

Police Chief position — The town manager said the interviews for the police chief’s position will continue into next week. He said there have been 19 applicants, thus far.

New Emergency Management Director — “Effective today (Jan. 25), I have appointed Mr. Todd Perreault as our next Emergency Management Director,” said Berkowitz. “With Todd’s Fire Department experience and understanding of the functions of Public Safety during emergencies I believe he will continue to build upon the foundation that Bill Morrisseau has developed.”

New Waster Water Supervisor — “I have appointed Mr. Kevin Avery as our next Waste Water Supervisor replacing Richard Mowatt,” the town manager announced. “Kevin had been filling in for Dick during vacation periods and knows our system though he will now have to be the key contact person. Kevin will also be preparing for the Waste Water Operator’s exam in June. He started today, as well.”

Referring to both Perreault and Avery, Berkowitz stated, “This shows the dedication of our employees and those who care about their community.”

Automatic foreclosures — “Having sent out the statutory notices to the owners of properties which have outstanding taxes for Tax Year 2008 all but 18 made their payments and those 18 have now gone through automatic foreclosure,” Berkowitz said. “For comparisons only, the number of foreclosures in 2006 was 15 and in 2007, 13. We will be working with those folks in an effort to have them pay the four years of taxes that would now be due if they want to redeem their properties. As in the past, such arrangements may be made up to the point where the town advertises these properties for auction. This is usually in late spring or early summer.”

Tax collections — “Tax collections for this fiscal year are now at 52% though some of the payments were for the whole year leaving some still in arrears,” the town manager said. “Our cash flows are still strong as we head into the February 15, 2011 due date for the next installment of property tax payments.”

Congratulations — “A hearty ‘congratulations and job well done’ goes to the Greater Bridgton Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, all of the agencies and sponsors involved, public safety services and the participants,” said Berkowitz. “It was a great Mushers’ Bowl weekend and once again places our town in a special showcase New England wide. Thank you.”

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