Bridgton to conduct income survey

As Bridgton looks at ways to upgrade its wastewater system and open the door to continued development of the community, how to fund the major infrastructure project will be a big question.

One piece needed to find the best funding approach is developing an accurate picture of Bridgton’s household incomes. Thus, a confidential survey will be conducted.

The Town of Bridgton is preparing to expand the capacity and upgrade the existing wastewater collection, treatment and treated effluent infrastructure.

The existing sewer collection system will be expanded throughout the downtown area and the Portland Road (Route 302) corridor.

The project description and report is available to review at the town office. It includes a description of why the town needs this infrastructure project, a discussion of potential technology, the location of current and future infrastructure and the potential users to be served.

The many critical needs for this project include increasing demand, age and deteriorating condition of the existing infrastructure, impacts to surface water bodies and regulatory violations. The current system requires investment to meet the needs of the Bridgton community and to provide proper treatment of wastewater. The existing pump stations are old and need upgrades to equipment and electrical systems. The project will fix known deficiencies in piping including sags, offset joints and breaks.

Finally, the presence of poor soils in the area has made the use of private septic systems challenging, as they have historically experienced noncompliance. Under this project, private septic systems will not be required for users who connect to the sewer.

The Town officials, Woodard & Curran engineers and RCAP Solutions are working together with USDA Rural Development and Maine DEP to identify funding solutions. A household survey will help in understanding the best approach to funding the project, and ensure that the town represents all potential residential users’ financial circumstances adequately.

“Therefore, we are surveying all potential residential users to have a more accurate determination of household income,” according to Town Manager Robert Peabody. “This data will be evaluated only to determine if the project qualifies for federal financial assistance which is based on the median household income of the entire service area. Your voluntary and full participation will greatly assist the town in ensuring the projects’ affordability for everyone.”

Under the guidance of RCAP Solutions, Jamie McFaul will be conducting the survey. This information will be complied by Arthur Astarita, Maine State Lead for RCAP Solutions, the northeast affiliate of the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (

All information will be held in strict confidence by RCAP Solutions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Art at 232-3388 or Jamie at 517-7020.

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