World’s Fair to feature top music acts

By Lisa Williams Ackley
Staff Writer

NORTH WATERFORD — Some of Maine’s best bands and duos will take the stage next week at the Waterford World’s Fair that runs from July 15 through 17.

It will be a weekend full of musical entertainment that shouldn’t be missed!

Some of the 19 bands and singers lined up by Terry Swett, Vendor and Music Coordinator for the Waterford World’s Fair, include Denny Breau, Jewel Clark, Jonathan Sarty and the White Mountain Boys, Tricky Britches and Heather Pierson.

“I feel so blessed that I know this circle of musicians,” said Swett.

Friday will see Jewel Clark take the stage at 3 p.m.

“She’s an icon around here,” Swett said of Clark, who is from Bethel. “Jewel’s the daughter of the late Yodelin’ Slim Clark. She’s an outstanding yodeler and as sweet as they come.”

The band “Cooped Up” features the Coopers, who host Open Mic Night at the 302 Smokehouse in Fryeburg.

“Linda (Cooper) writes a lot of their songs,” said Swett.

Swett lauded Scot Montgomery for his “excellent songwriting.”

“Scot’s the executive chef at the Red Jacket Inn in North Conway, and his other passion is music. He’s excellent — with or without accompaniment,” said Swett.

Davy Sturtevant will also take the stage on Friday, according to Swett, who likened Sturtevant’s sound to that of James Taylor.

“I’d say Davy’s a ‘must see’,” he said.

Jordan Kaulback will follow Sturtevant on Friday.

“Jordan is very popular with young people in the Norway-Paris area, with a reggae beat and electronic looping,” Swett stated.

The trio of Rollins, Tyoe & Hobson will round out Friday night’s performances.

“I just think they’re veterans,” said Swett, citing their “smooth vocals and the tightness of the band.”

On Saturday, Lindsey Montana, who Swett called “an accomplished guitarist and songwriter,” will open up the afternoon of music at 1 p.m.

Next up will be Brad Hooper from Albany, vocalizing with guitar and harmonica and exuding “lots of energy,” Swett said.

The Hemingway Brothers are a local bluegrass band whose music, Swett said, “features a lot of traditional bluegrass.”

A Bunch of Old Hippies is comprised of some of the best musicians in the Oxford Hills, including Al Mallory, Bob Wallace, Nate Towne, Gary Searles and Rusty Wiltjer — who many will recognize as the house band from Tucker’s Music Pub in Norway.

Swett himself will take the stage on Saturday at 5 p.m.

“I’m a songwriter, and I sit in with bands in the surrounding area,” said Swett. “I have a percussive guitar style, and I play harmonica. I’ve always said my songs are a travelogue of folkish ditties.”

Tricky Britches is a young bluegrass band from Portland.

“You won’t be sitting down,” Swett said of Tricky Britches. “There’ll be a lot of toe tapping.”

Another band popular around the Oxford Hills is Trailer Trash, featuring Eric Grenier on harmonica.

“Eric’s as good a harmonica player as I’ve ever known anywhere,” said Swett.

Dogpile, a rock and roll band, will round out the bands lined up for Saturday on the World’s Fair stage.

The popular local band, The Afterburners, will have everyone up and dancing at the Waterford World’s Fair Dance, beginning at 9 p.m. Saturday, July 16 in the Dance Pavilion.

“The Afterburners are a very well-seasoned band,” stated Swett.

“Sunday features some of the best music of the weekend — it’s all good,” said Swett.

Jonathan Sarty and the White Mountain Boys will kick things off Sunday afternoon, beginning at 1 p.m.

“This is well done traditional country songs,” Swett said of Sarty and his band. “Just smooth, great country harp playing.”

The Syklark Jazz Ensemble, featuring vocalist Janet Gill, will follow Sarty on stage.

“They add a nice brunch kind of feel,” Swett said.

Guitar virtuoso Denny Breau will have everyone dancing as well, when he and his band start playing at 3 p.m.

Vessel Recording artist Heather Pierson will take the stage at 4 p.m.

“She’s an unbelievable pianist and songwriter with several CDs to her credit,” Swett said of Pierson. “Heather has been hosting the open mic nights at the church in Norway. She had her CD release for ‘Make It Mine’ at Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield.”

The classic rock band Distilled Spirits, featuring Jeff Daniels will perform at 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Attendees may want to bring their own chairs, Swett said.

“All of these performers will be performing on our newly-acquired stage,” said Swett. “We have 40 plus vendors, this year. There will be glass blowing, a fiber tent, and wood turning on a lathe. And, we will have a Sluiceway from Maine Mineral Adventures geared toward kids.”

“There is a brand new 80-foot long Steer Barn,” he said. “We will also have a tractor train provided by the Maine Tractor Club.”

“It promises to be an amazing fair, this year,” Swett said.

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