Town Hall project permits needed

By Gail Geraghty

Staff Writer

Bridgton Selectman Bob McHatton wants to see work begin on the Town Hall as soon as possible, but the requirements of the Community Development Block Grant program and the Maine Historic Preservation Commission need to be met first.

At Tuesday’s board meeting, McHatton asked Anne Krieg, director of planning, economic and community development, when the work would begin. She gave them a start date of March 2015, with completion expected by early summer of 2015.

Before work can begin, said Krieg, MHPC must review the town’s feasibility study and issue a permit. Then, 45 days after MHPC renders their written approval, CDBG staff will conduct an environmental review.

McHatton asked whether some work could begin before that process is complete, since voters agreed to borrow up to $200,000 for the estimated $325,000 project.

Krieg said that “the county is very cautious when we mix CDBG funds with other funds” for the same project, so reviews tend to take longer. On Depot Street, for example, a combination of CDBG and TIFF funding will be used.

Krieg said a lot depends on what level of review will be required by MHPC. Engineer Eric Dube is now in the process of developing bid specs, which will be reviewed in detail by selectmen before the project goes out to bid.

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