Town Hall closed due to foundation’s deterioration

Due to the severity of deterioration to the Town Hall’s foundation, the North High Street building has been closed.

Tuesday, Doten’s Construction recommended the Bridgton Town Hall be vacated for the next few weeks. All events and public access to the building will be forbidden for the next three weeks.

A building analysis for safe access to the building will occur on or before Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015, at which time an update to this information will be released.

“The inconvenience this causes for programming needs of the building is regrettable; however it is necessary to ensure the safe use of the building in the future,” said Georgiann M. Fleck, Public Information officer.

Doten’s Construction is under contract with the Town of Bridgton to stabilize the building. The project is funded through the Community Development Block Grant program and the Moose Pond Land Trust as well as dedicated Town funds. Funding of the repairs was approved at the June 2015 Town Meeting. Foundation work was anticipated as part of the contracted work; however the deterioration is more severe than expected. The building will be elevated and moved slightly forward toward the road to perform the necessary repairs.

Programming questions may be directed to Gary Colello, Bridgton’s Recreation director, while other questions regarding the building may be directed to Anne Krieg, Bridgton Planning & Development director, by calling 647-8786.

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