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Hannah Rousey

Hannah Rousey

CENTER LOVELL — Hannah Rousey’s stand has struck a serious chord with people across the Internet.

When the recent Fryeburg Academy graduate declined to accept a $1,000 Poland Spring Good Science scholarship because doing so would be “hypocritical” due to her strong beliefs regarding sustainable practices, her story was picked up by newspapers and TV outlets across several states, as well as environmental groups.

Her stance also struck Nickie Sekera, who spoke strongly against a long-term pact between Nestlé and the Fryeburg Water Company. Sekera created a GoFundMe scholarship fund for Hannah.

As of Tuesday night, the site had 808 shares, 151 donors in eight days, and $5,482 pledged. The goal is $10,000.

Donors praised Hannah’s stance, and made donations from $10 to over $100. In making donations, some included messages, including:

Charlotte Fullam, “Hannah, you’re an inspiration! Stay true to your convictions!”

D.C. Harris, “This young lady makes my heart proud. Here’s hoping her wildest dreams come true!”

Justin Maximov, “I applaud your integrity and I hope you continue to lead.”

Nicole Nordlund, “The world needs people like you. Your actions give us hope for the future.”

Howie Wemyss, “Thanks for taking this public stand, Hannah. You are an inspiration to others of all ages that we need to stand up for our beliefs and our rights.”

Also on the GoFundMe page, “Your community here is so proud of your accomplishments, in the classroom and out. We are grateful for the opportunity to give you support in your educational endeavors.

Community. Water. Justice. Youth shall lead the way!”

In a story that appeared in the June 9 edition of The News, Hannah said, “I am grateful for the scholarship I have been awarded, but I cannot in good faith accept money from a company that does not exhibit sustainable and ethical practices. For me to accept your scholarship would be hypocritical. I am in hopes that more people of my generation will become aware of the dire need to protect our water and the earth’s other precious resources.”

Hannah will be pursuing a degree in sustainable agriculture and environmental protection law and policy in the fall at Sterling College in Craftsbury Common, Vt.

“We are, of course, incredibly proud of Hannah and we can’t wait to welcome her to campus! She is exactly the kind of environmental steward we need for the 21st century,” wrote Christian Feuerstein, Sterling’s director of Communications. “I’d also like to point out that, while our ‘sticker price ($46,152 for the 2016-17 academic year)’ quoted in the article was accurate, we maintain a commitment to affordability and financial access. We work closely with each student and his or her family to create an affordable pathway to college completion. Additionally, we’re the only Work College in the Northeast; that means each student on campus works, and earns money toward his or her tuition.”

The GoFundMe page is at

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