Songo Lock closed

AUGUSTA, Maine — Due to heavy rains and the resulting increased water levels of the surrounding area, the lock at the Songo Lock State Historic Site — a part of Sebago Lake State Park, Casco — is closed indefinitely to boat traffic, according to Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands officials.

The heavy flow of water and increased lake levels have required the opening of all of the flood control gates. The gates will remain open until Brandy Pond and Long Lake water levels recede to more normal levels, a drop of more than two feet, Park Manager Matt McGuire of Sebago Lake State Park, said.

"People and fishermen who go down to the locks need to be very careful," McGuire warned. "The water is swift and high."

BPL officials, who manage the Songo Lock, originally built in 1830, are concerned about both local shorelines and boater safety, McGuire said. The opening of the flood control gates creates heavy cross currents, creating a risk for boaters.

In order to facilitate the movement of as much water as possible and help drop water levels, all gates will remain open and conditions monitored to determine when boaters may safely pass through the lock.

For more information, contact Matt McGuire, park manager, at: 693-6231 (park telephone)

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