Snow: Blessing or curse for Naples Winter Carnival?

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

NAPLES — Like so many activities in Maine, the weather can change plans overnight.

Activities to be held during the Naples Winter Carnival face a big, white Catch-22: Snow. The very same detail needed to support wintertime recreation can throw a Sasquatch-sized monkey wrench into preparations or thwart attendance on the day of the event.

According to Muddy River SnoSeekers President Dan Allen, “It’s a go.”

Earlier in the week, carnival organizers met and tested the ice depths in various spots on Long Lake. The double-checking was prompted after a truck fell through the ice on the lake on Sunday, Feb. 3, he said.

On Tuesday, Allen said everyone was moving forward with all of the activities slated to be held on the ice on Saturday.

The scheduled events include the popular Radar Run snowmobile races, a broomball completion, antique snowmobile displays, free snow coach rides and fireworks after dusk. All events will be held on the Causeway, on the Long Lake side.

Unfortunately, there is no magic snow globe in which to see the future weather.

But, according to the National Weather Service in Gray, the region could get a 3- to 6-inch snowfall, or the area could succumb to an intense storm that yields a foot or more of snow.

“It is still two days out,” NWS Meteorologist Mike Kistner said.

“It is going to be a dry snow. But it is going to be a heavy snowfall, and it could be a significant amount in the Naples area,” Kistner said.

“A lot has to come together. There are two systems we are watching — a northern one and a southern one. The northern system will come through (tonight) and Friday morning. If that merges with the southern system, it could be a big snow,” he said.

“Let’s say the two (systems) don’t meet or meet too late, then we will see snow of probably three to six inches on Friday,” Kistner said.

According to the Naples Winter Carnival brochure, folks who usually participate in the Snowmobile Torch Light Parade will rendezvous at Black Bear Café, regardless of whether or not there is enough snow on the ground, or snow developing in the atmosphere.

As it stands, the lack of snow on the Jug Town Trail system has cancelled the snowmobile parade, but not the opportunity to enjoy like-minded company.

On Friday at 6 p.m., people still have a chance to get out of the house, and partake in adult conversation and appetizers at Black Bear Café. The group will pay patronage to other eating establishments along Route 302, and then wind up at Merced’s where there will be a live musical performance.


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