Selectman advocates educating pubic about Crooked River School vote

Casco Selectman Grant Plummer

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

CASCO — A locally-elected politician in Casco expressed concerns about taxpayers’ willingness to put more money into the school district’s school buildings.

Selectman Grant Plummer said that School District Administration [SAD] 61 would be presenting to the public another opportunity to vote on renovating the Crooked River School during the November election.

“We should pay attention to this process, and be part of that process,” he said.

“You have heard me spout off about the overcrowding at Songo Locks School,” he said, adding that even with the new parking lot the school is too crowded.

Chairman Holly Hancock commented that the playground was removed to accommodate the expanded parking lot and a basketball court was eliminated to make room for another portable classroom.

“There are 17 classrooms in portable units,” Plummer said.

He said that while it would be nice to have the Crooked River School refurbished for area school children, it might be advisable to expand the Songo Locks School. He guessed that the second option might be too expensive, but he had not heard any numbers.

“They have a vote coming up on the ballot in November to improve Crooked River School. It is a gubernatorial election time so November is going to bring a large number of voters,” Plummer said.

Both Chairman Holly Hancock and Plummer advocated for educating themselves and the residents of Casco about the upcoming measure. The selectmen did not discuss details of SAD 61’s plans, only ways to learn more about it.

Plummer said, “Our school district is growing. It is a $30 million-a-year business to educate those kids.”

Sometimes, the community needs to invest more money to improve the infrastructure of these schools, ensuring a better learning environment for area school children, he said.

“Bridgton just approved a 90-unit apartment development that will probably flood Stevens Brook Elementary School,” Plummer said.

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