Rotary Good Citizen: Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson of Naples is the Bridgton-Lakes Region Rotary Club’s Citizen of the Month for May.

Recipients are honored at a Rotary breakfast meeting. Michael will be recognized this Thursday, June 7 at 7:15 a.m.

Parents: Everett and Kathie Peterson

Sibling(s): Jeffrey, Justin, Kristian, Nicholas, Christopher, Matthew, Noah, Kathryn and Jameson

Activities: Music, basketball and art

Community activities: Worship band at LifeChurch

Hobbies: Guitar and photography 

Future plans: Studying Business at Saint Joseph’s College and finding a career that I’m passionate about.

What is your favorite class and why? My favorite class is Music Academy. It is the first class I have ever taken where I stopped thinking about grades because I wanted to do everything possible to excel and grades just can’t capture that amount of work and interest.

What is your toughest class and why? Math classes have always been tougher for me because it takes me longer than some to connect what I know to a new concept.

How do you balance your class work and your extracurricular activities? I find that balancing class work and life outside of school involves a lot of time management and not a lot of sleep.

What is the biggest challenge high school students face today and why? Lack of interest and motivation in a system that becomes less and less creative every year. 

Who has inspired you educationally and how? The person who has inspired me educationally understands that struggle and understanding go hand-in-hand. There is nothing the human mind cannot understand and Barry Johnson proves that.

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