Rotary Good Citizen: Katie Throgmorton

Katie Throgmorton

Katie Throgmorton

Katie Throgmorton of Naples has been selected as the Bridgton-Lake Region Rotary Club’s “Citizen of the Month” for May.

Each month, the Rotary Club recognizes a Lake Region High School student who displays good citizenship and contributes to the school community. The recipient is honored at a Rotary breakfast meeting and is presented a monetary gift.

Parents: Ginger and Ed Throgmorton

Student organizations, sports teams, activities, hobbies: Indoor and outdoor soccer, lacrosse, dance team, Color Guard (Law Enforcement).

What do you like most about school, why? I like being involved in sports and all the activities during Winter Carnival and Homecoming. I also love being able to enjoy all the senior activities going on, as well and making lots of memories.

What is your biggest challenge in school? Balancing schoolwork with sports and other activities I’m involved in. It gets hard and a little stressful at times, but to me it’s worth it and shows character.

What is your favorite subject? My favorite subject would have to be humanities because I love learning about our history, as well as different places and cultures around the world.

If you could change one thing about school, what would it be? I wish I had more time in my schedule to take a variety of classes, such as a forensic science class. Since I am in vocational, my time for other classes can be tight at times.

What characteristics do you believe a good teacher should possess? I believe a good teacher should posses not only knowledge on their subject, but passion as well. When a teacher has passion, they tend to have more creative and fun ways for students to learn.

What goals did you hope to achieve during your high school days? The goals I hoped to achieve were to graduate and prepare for my future.

What do you hope to do in the future in terms of career, and why are you headed in that direction? After graduation, I plan on leaving for Navy basic training, where I plan on furthering my education. Eventually, I hope to go into the law enforcement field, where I would like to either work with K-9s or go into forensic science.

What do you think it will take to be successful in the future? To be successful in the future, it is going to take passion, hard work, dedication, patience and more homework to get there!

What lesson have you learned while at Lake Region High School that will help you in the future? There are many lessons that I have learned throughout my four years at Lake Region, the one that sticks the most to me is to always get involved and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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