Rotary Club Good Citizen: Daniel Bonasoro

Daniel Bonasoro

Daniel Bonasoro

Daniel Bonasoro of Naples has been selected as the Bridgton-Lake Region Rotary Club’s “Citizen of the Month” for January.

Each month, the Rotary Club recognizes a Lake Region High School student who displays good citizenship and contributes to the school community. The recipient is honored at a Rotary breakfast meeting and is presented a monetary gift.

Parents: Julie Garneau and Richard Garneau; Paul Bonasoro and Cindy Bonasoro.

Siblings: Jason Garneau, Alison Bonasoro, Elizabeth Bonasoro, Scott Bonasoro, Micaela Amaro.

Activities: Ultimate Frisbee, singing

Future plans: College to become a nurse

Schools that you have or will apply to: UMass Boston, Saint Joseph’s College, University of New England, Villanova, University of Maine at Orono, John’s Hopkins University, Northeastern University and Boston College

Schools that you have been accepted to: UMass Boston, University of New England, Saint Joseph’s College

What is your favorite class? French. It is a fun class and everyone in it is great.

What is your toughest class? Physics. There are a lot of equations.

How do you balance your class work and your extracurricular activities? I know what I have to do and when I need to have it done, which helps me plan ahead so when the time comes, I don’t become overwhelmed.

What is the biggest challenge high school students face today? A large majority of high schools students feel they need to fit in with a certain group and may do anything to achieve that, often destroying their true self in the process.

Who has inspired you educationally? No one has really inspired me when it comes to education. I have been pushed to do the best I can and don’t give up by my entire family, but that is about it.

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