Recount changes tally of write-in voting

By Gail Geraghty

Staff Writer

A five-way tie for Bridgton Planning Board Alternate resulted from a recount of the June 10 election, and it will now be up to the Bridgton Board of Selectmen to decide whether to fill the vacancy or not.

The recount was requested by resident Richard Danis, who was a write-in candidate to fill the vacant position of three-year Planning Board Alternate. The original tally had present Planning Board member Dee Miller winning with three votes, with a two-vote tie among write-ins Roxy Hagerman, Thomas Harriman, Peter Oberg and Phyllis Roth.

Danis’s name wasn’t listed in the original tally, but when the votes were recounted June 18, Danis received two votes, as did Miller, Harriman, Roth and Oberg. Hagerman received one vote in the recount, which was overseen by Town Clerk Lori Chadbourne.

Planning Board Chairman Steve Collins said Monday that it is the Board of Selectmen, not the Planning Board, that appoints a planning board member to fill a vacancy. The board currently has one alternate, Adam Grant, but board rules call for five regular members and two alternates.

However, said Collins, selectmen may, in this case, simply choose not to fill the second alternate position. The town is checking with the Secretary of State’s office to receive guidance on how to proceed.


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