Raider Profile: Senior Amber Dindorf

SC Amber Dindorf

Amber Dindorf

What’s your name? Amber Ritger Dindorf.

Where are you from? I live in Harts Location, N.H.

How did you get to Fryeburg Academy from there? My town actually sends me here. They send all the kids in Harts Location to FA, although currently I am the only student attending.

Who are your people? My parents are Nancy Ritger and Mark Dindorf. My mother is a Programs Manager for the Appalachian Mountain Club. My father is an innkeeper at The Notchland Inn in Hart’s Location. I have one older brother, Arran, he’s 23. He went to Kennett. He graduated from Colby and now works at Alta Lodge in Utah. I have one sister, Aslyn, FA’s Class of 2011. She is studying physical therapy at Simmons College in Boston.

Are you a good student academically? Yes.

How good? I am a high honor student.

Which teachers have had an influence on you? I would say all the teachers at FA are great. Mr. Rhymer (science) is my advisor and a really good teacher. He gets me interested in learning and he does it in a way that is not stressful. His teaching is very relevant to life. He’s also a really nice and sometimes a very funny person.

What about athletics at FA? I’ve been on the lacrosse team and the Nordic ski team all four years at FA, the field hockey team for three years, and the cross-country team my senior year. I have been the captain of our lacrosse team for two years and captain of the Nordic ski team this year. Nordic skiing is my favorite sport. There is just something very cool about gliding on skis. My whole family is into skiing.

How about clubs and other extracurricular activities? I’ve been a member of FA’s Student Council all four years and am currently the vice president. I’ve been the secretary for the Class of 2014 all four years. I’ve been the vice president and president of the Interact Club. I’ve been a member of the Daniel Webster Society, the French Club and Raider Patrol. I am also in the Global Studies Certificate Program.

What do you do in your spare time? Well, I like to travel. I have been to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil, recently, as well to Scotland, Italy, London, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Canada. Two of these journeys were on school trips. I hit six countries on one trip. I travel with my family, as well. We’ve traveled to the Grand Canyon and a lot of national parks. I also love to hike and do anything outside. I am working on learning to play the guitar. And of course, I ski a lot.

Looking back at your four years at FA what is your assessment? I would definitely say that FA has given me crazy opportunities. I got to travel to Indonesia during May term. I end up doing a lot of things I like to do, both inside and outside the classroom. It’s a very fun place to be. It’s really cool to be with different people from all over the world all the time.

What is your political bent? I’m primarily a liberal Democrat. I really haven’t delved into it, but I think I just align with those views especially on topics related to the environment like water pollution, air pollution and conservation.

What’s your favorite book? Several have stood out to me. I read a lot. I really loved “Let the Great World Spin,” by Colum McCann. The author was able to tie so many different stories together. I loved the book, “Divergent,” by Veronica Roth and I really liked “Unbroken,” by Laura Hillenbrand. It’s an incredible nonfiction story of a guy from WWII. It was inspirational what he had been through.

What music do you like? I like a little bit of everything, lots of acoustic guitar, folk and music from other places. I love The Lumineers.  I go to Stone Mountain a lot and love the artists from there.

What’s your favorite movie? I love comedies. Anything with Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler. I like movies with cool graphics like “The Life of Pi.” That was an incredible movie.

Do you have a message for your parents as you prepare for life after high school? I’d like to thank my mother and father for a very unique and wonderful upbringing. They taught me to make every day worthwhile and I want to thank them for that.

What is your plan after graduation from FA this June? This summer, I will work at the Appalachian Mountain Club at Three Mile Island Camp on Lake Winnipesaukee. Right now, I have no idea where I’m going to college.  I hope to hear back from a couple of schools soon. I’m waiting to hear from Bates and Colby and Colorado College. Those are my big ones. I really want to study environmental research or international global studies. I would love to help countries live more sustainable.

What does your future hold after college? I’m not sure, but I know it will work itself out. I have this fantasy of living in Iceland. Maybe out west or maybe, even still, in New England. It depends on my job at the time and what kinds of things come along. I want to do lots of traveling and spend a lot of time outdoors. I don’t see myself in a city, but rather in the mountains. I think about being married and having children…when, to whom, and how many, I have no idea!

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