Raider boys’ lacrosse to receive Good Sportsmanship banner

FRYEBURG — When Scott Lees and his Fryeburg Academy varsity boys’ lacrosse team talked about goals for the 2014 season, they came up with four:

1. Win at least six games.

2. Beat rival Lake Region twice.

3. Make the playoffs.

4. Win the Sportsmanship Award.

Mission accomplished on all four counts!

“We achieved all of our goals. I knew entering the season I had a special group of student-athletes. Fifteen of our boys are either high honors or honors. That being said, we were able to play a game that was a smart game. We had several set plays that we would not have been able to execute in years past. Our lacrosse IQ was the best it has ever been in my four years as the head coach,” Coach Lees said. “This was really the first year our feeder program fed the Academy skilled players that made an impact on our team. Combine that with our players already in place, we were a good team. We only graduated two seniors. Combine that with some incoming freshmen next year, success should be there again.”

FA Athletic Director Sue Thurston said, “I couldn’t be prouder,” as she announced this week that the Raiders had earned the honor for the first time. “They worked hard to turn things around.”

Coach Lees feels Fryeburg got the nod for the coveted award because “we really do have a great group of dedicated, polite, respectful student athletes. They have now proved it to the school, the state and to themselves. I am so proud to be a part of this program.”

Squad members include: manager Matt Bradley, players Ryan Caracciolo, Michael Dandaneau, Tristan Harvie, Thomas Kane, Huxley Lovering, Jake Maidment, Colin McKeith, Malik Mobley, David Olsen, Josh Osgood, Gregory Sargent, Hannes Schneider, Markus Schneider, Joseph Schrader, Miah Schrader, Corey Thibodeau, Isaac Wakefield, Alan Worcester, Owen Feider-Sullivan, Grace Eddie, Nick Kovanko, Ryan McCann, Jeff Sargent, Ethan Swayze and Tyler Worcester.

Coach Lees is assisted by Steve Bish and Hannes Schneider.




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