Raider Boosters Player of the Week: Bright Amoako

By Wayne E. Rivet
Staff Writer

FRYEBURG — If there was a bright spot for the Fryeburg Academy boys’ basketball team, it was the play of the Raiders’ rookie point guard, Bright Amoako.

“Bright was thrown into the leadership position of point guard with very little experience and he matured into not only one of the top players in the league but a great leader on the court — and he’s only a sophomore!” FA Coach Sedge Saunders said. “Bright has the ability to push his teammates without stepping on toes. He is the quintessential point guard because he not only has made himself better, but his teammates as well.”

Coach Saunders added, “Bright is a tremendous role model, especially in regards to how you play the game and how you conduct yourself on and off the court. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to coach Bright for two more years.”

In recognition of his strong work ethic, determination, commitment and good sportsmanship, Bright is this week’s Raider Boosters Club’s “Player of the Week.” Each week, a Fryeburg Academy athlete is recognized for his/her dedication (does more than what is asked), work ethic, coachability and academic good standing. Recipients receive a specially-designed t-shirt, sponsored by the Raider Boosters Club.

The Amoako File

Name: Bright Amoako

Year in School: Sophomore

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.

Q. Why did you choose basketball? I was inspired from the movie “Hoosiers.”

Q. What do you hope to accomplish this season? To improve as a team, and we certainly did that!

Q. What do you enjoy the most? Working as hard as I can in practice.

Q. What do you enjoy the least? Losing!

Q. What makes you successful? Practicing and never giving up.

Q. What would your dream moment be? Winning the State Championship before I graduate.

Q. What has sports taught you? To always compete as hard as you can.

Q. What do you like most about your team? Their willingness to improve and that people do not give up.

Q. Who has inspired you? Ghandi Martin, my AAU coach. He made sure I didn’t give up no matter what the challenge was.

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