Plea bargain could reimburse cashed check

By Dawn De Busk
Staff Writer

CASCO – It is possible that the Town of Casco will be repaid the money that it lost when a contractor illegally cashed a check worth almost $2,000.

Town Manager Dave Morton shared the good news with the Casco Board of Selectmen during Tuesday’s meeting.

Morton got word from the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office that they are going through the process of prosecuting the former contractor who was contracted to complete work on the kitchen in the Casco Community Center.

Douglas Corbridge, dba DCS Construction, is being offered a plea bargain, in which he must agree to return the money from the $1,900 check, according to Morton.

According to the plea bargain agreement, Corbridge must pay the money back to the town before entering the plea bargain.
The hearing isn’t scheduled for another three months, Morton said.

“I just learned about the court proceedings this week,” he said.

This week, Morton also learned that Corbridge is not being charged for other possible alleged criminal activities against the town, such as theft and putting up a false bond.

Casco must officially report the incident to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office before anything could proceed to court.
“I would recommend we pursue other criminal issues,” Morton told the selectmen.

“Hopefully, the sheriff’s office will help us,” he said.

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