Player of the Week: Liz Cole

Liz Cole

Liz Cole

Liz Cole is the kind of athlete every coach loves to have on their team.

“Liz committed time to her field hockey game this summer, and it prepared her for a very strong start in her season this Fall,” Lake Region Coach Pauline Webb said. “When she couldn’t make a summer workout, she would contact me for a workout she could do on her own; her hard work this past summer has certainly paid off.”

Coach Webb says Liz is one of the team’s blue-collar workers, who have had a big hand in why the Lakers are currently in the Top 5 in the Class B South Heal Ratings.

“Liz is one of those players you may not read about in the newspaper every week, but she is certainly an impact player that makes things happen for our small and young team this season,” the coach said. “She is coachable, works hard, is always positive, and will play in any position I put her in. Whatever position I tell Liz I need her to play in, she smiles, says ‘OK,’ and she goes to work and gives me 110%. She has incredible endurance, she’s a consistent player, and she’s always working to strengthen and develop her game.”

One of Liz’s highlights this year was during a home game against York, the defending state champs and the team to beat again this year.

“Liz was playing right wing in this game and at the start of the game she got a nice pass from either Olivia (Deschenes) or Molly (Christensen) and carried the ball from half field all the way to goal and scored 45 seconds into the game. She doesn’t care who she’s playing against, she doesn’t show any signs of intimidation, she just goes to work. So far this year, she’s played all three positions in the forward line, and she’s played in the midfield. I put her where I need her and she gets the job done…with a smile on her face.”

In recognition of her strong work ethic, determination, commitment and good sportsmanship, Liz is this week’s Boosters and Hancock Lumber “Player of the Week.” Each week, a Lake Region athlete is recognized for his/her dedication (does more than what is asked), work ethic, coachability and academic good standing. Recipients receive a specially-designed T-shirt, sponsored by Hancock Lumber.

The Cole File

Name: Elizabeth “Liz” Cole

Year in School: Junior

Hometown: Bridgton

Parents: Sven and Karen Cole

Sports you play: Field hockey, softball

School organizations: National Honor Society, Varsity Club

Why did you choose to play this sport? LC. My aunt played for LRFH all through her time in high school and I’ve always wanted to be just like her. So in third grade, I played my first season and picked it back up in Middle School.

What is the most difficult part of the game? LC. The hardest part is trying to stay mentally tough. Players need to have a short memory, they can’t allow for mistakes to get to them. If a player stays mentally tough all the other skills will fall in place.

What do you enjoy the most about the sport? LC. I love the intensity and the speed. The fast pace of the game is what makes it so exciting.

What do you feel you need to work on and why? LC. I need to work on using my 3-D stick skills in games more because it will help me become a better offensive player.

Why is teamwork important? LC. Teamwork is so important, and especially in a game like field hockey. No one player can win alone. Once individuals learn to work as one team, is when games can be won.

What is the biggest impact your coach(es) have had on you? LC. My coaches have taught me how to be not only a strong player, but a strong person, as well. They often talk about how being a strong athlete relates back to the real world. Field hockey has helped to bring me confidence on and off the field.

How do you want people to view you as an athlete? LC. I want to be viewed as a well-rounded athlete. I may not be the best player on the field, but I push myself to be the best player that I can be for the benefit of the whole team.

Ten years from now, when you look back on your high school sports career, what do you think you will remember most? LC. I will remember how sports taught me how to push myself. Sports don’t only teach you how to be physically strong, but they teach you how to be mentally tough, which is a quality everyone needs to have in order to better themselves in anything.

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