Player of the Week: Julia Murch

Julia Murch

When the coaching staff considered candidates for the leadoff spot in the batting order, Julia Murch wasn’t part of the conversation.

In fact, while Julia showed off a great glove at first base, winning the starting job midway through her freshman season, she struggled mightily to make contact at the plate.

Then, Assistant Coach Shawn Rock had an idea.

“With Julia’s quickness and her willingness to try something new, she worked with Coach Rock on becoming a slap hitter,” LR varsity softball coach Wayne Rivet said. “The results have been amazing.”

Switching to the left side of the plate, Julia picked up the concept — starting toward the back of the hitter’s box, moving forward as the pitch arrives and “slapping” the ball down the lines or past the pitcher — quickly and has given the Lakers a big threat at the top of the lineup.

The LR sophomore leads the team in hits (10) at the halfway mark of the season, and has shown the ability to make contact against even the league’s harder throwers.

“It’s awesome to watch Julia show so much confidence at the plate and be so productive. She deserves all the credit, being willing to try something new, putting in the time to develop the skill, and showing trust in what Coach Rock has been telling her,” Coach Rivet said. “Julia’s success has inspired other hitters, and has given us a much needed offensive lift.”

In recognition of her hard work, dedication and commitment to her team, Julia has been selected by the Lake Region Athletic Boosters as the Hancock Lumber Player of the Week.

Athletes selected for this honor receive a specially-designed t-shirt donated by Hancock Lumber.

The Murch File

Athlete: Julia Murch

Year in School: Sophomore

Hometown: Bridgton

Parent: Lena Murch

Sports you play: Field hockey, indoor track & field, softball

School organizations: METS

Why did you choose to play softball? I chose to play softball in the fifth grade because many of my friends played.

What is the most difficult part of the game? For me, the most difficult is batting on the right side, and making contact with the ball.

What do you enjoy the most about softball? I enjoy the people that I with, along with the coaching staff and playing first base.

What do you feel you need to work on and why? I definitely need to work more on having confidence in everything I do. There is also room for improvement both offensively and defensively.

Why is teamwork important? When I think of teamwork, I think of communication and always being there for a teammate, to pick them up when they’re down. It not only helps improve the game, but it builds bonds, as well.

What is the biggest impact your coach(es) have had on you? My coaches have never given up on me and always have confidence in me, even when I’m lacking it myself.

How do you want people to view you as an athlete? I want people to know I’m a team player. I always want/strive to do what’s best for any team I’m playing on. I also always try my hardest.

Ten years from now, when you look back on your high school sports career, what do you think you will remember most? I’m going to remember the friendships I’ve made because of sports. I’ll also remember the feeling of being a part of a team and how great it is.


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