Player of the Week: Ayden Foster

Ayden Foster

Ayden Foster stepped up big for the Lake Region varsity boys’ lacrosse team this past week by volunteering to play goalie when the starting goalie was injured just before the Gray-New Gloucester game.

“Goaltending has been a need for the past few years and filling the position has been difficult,” Laker Head Coach Josh Plowman said. “There are a lot of natural characteristics that make up a good goalie that cannot be taught and Ayden has them.”

Ayden volunteered after practice the day before the game and first starting practicing at his house before the game. He recorded eight saves on 15 shots and “has been vastly improving since,” Coach Plowman added.

In recognition of his hard work, dedication and commitment to his team, Ayden has been selected as the Lake Region Athletic Boosters and Hancock Lumber Player of the Week.

Athletes selected for this honor receive a specially-designed T-shirt donated by Hancock Lumber.

The Foster File

Athlete: Ayden Foster

Year in School: Freshman

Hometown: Bridgton

Parent: Meagan Foster

Sports you play: Lacrosse, ice hockey, golf

Why did you choose to play lacrosse? They needed players and it looked fun.

What is the most difficult part of the game? Scooping the ball from the back of the net.

What do you enjoy the most about lacrosse? Physicality.

What do you feel you need to work on and why? Balance shots, they go right past me.

Why is teamwork important? If your team doesn’t work together, you can’t accomplish anything.

What is the biggest impact your coach(es) have had on you? They taught me to never give up.

How do you want people to view you as an athlete? A motivator.

Ten years from now, when you look back on your high school sports career, what do you think you will remember most? Hanging out as a team.

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