Papile gets 50 years in prison

By Lisa Williams Ackley

Staff Writer

OSSIPEE, N.H. — The man who cold-bloodedly killed 20-year-old single mother Krista Dittmeyer in New Hampshire last year by submerging her taped-up body in a snow-making pond at a ski resort in North Conway in late April 2011 says he doesn't deserve to be forgiven for what he did, so he didn't ask for forgiveness.

Anthony Papile, 29, of Ossipee, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Carroll County Superior Court on May 24, and was sentenced to serve 50 years in prison, of which seven and one-half years will be suspended, as long as Papile completes drug and alcohol counseling and also earns both a bachelor's and master's degree.

Dittmeyer, who grew up in Bridgton and graduated from Lake Region High School, was residing in Portland the night she drove her car, with her infant daughter in the back seat, to meet Papile and two other young men at an apartment in Ossipee, N.H.

The prosecutor, Senior New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Jane Young, said Papile told investigators that he, 30-year-old Michael Petelis and 25-year-old Trevor Ferguson had planned to steal drugs and money from Dittmeyer on the night of April 22, 2011 and that Papile sent her a text message asking her to call him when she was on her way to meet them. Petelis and Ferguson have both been charged with conspiracy to commit robbery in the Dittmeyer case, however neither has been indicted, nor have their cases been set for hearing.

What happened

Young said the investigation showed that Papile "was lying in wait" for Dittmeyer, when she arrived there.

"As Ms. Dittmeyer ascended the stairs, the defendant struck her approximately three times over the head (with a rubber bat)," said Young.

Papile then bound Dittmeyer's upper torso, arms, hands and mouth with duct tape, according to Young, who said Papile's fingerprint was found on the duct tape. Papile then placed Dittmeyer in the trunk of her own car and drove it to the Cranmore Ski Area.

The autopsy determined that Dittmeyer died from "prolonged cold water submersion after having been bound with duct tape," Young said. She pointed out that Papile told investigators he believed Dittmeyer was already deceased when he submerged her bound and gagged body in the pond at the base of the Cranmore Ski Area. Her young daughter was found safe in the back seat of Dittmeyer's Nissan Sentra, with the motor idling and the door ajar on April 23. Dittmeyer's body was discovered in the small pond four days later, on April 27.

"A monster in their lives"

Saying he knows he has become "a monster in their lives," Papile said he was sincerely sorry that he killed the mother of 14-month old Aliyah (now over two years old), who was also a beloved daughter and sister.

"My actions have left a family without a daughter, a sister and a mother," Papile said, prior to Judge Steven Houran pronouncing sentence upon him. "The pain of knowing what I have done, changed so many people's lives…her daughter Aliyah will never know her mother."

"I'm going to live with the pain and the shame of being a monster in their lives," Papile said further. "I hope that someday the nightmares will stop for this family, because I know they will never stop for me. I'll never ask for forgiveness, because I'll never deserve it. My actions are atrocious and inexcusable. There's not a moment in my life I don't wish I could change what I've done…I hope someday the nightmares will stop for Krista's family — I know they'll never stop for me."

Dittmeyer's mother, LaNell Shackley, told the court her daughter Krista was a loving mother to her young daughter, but that now she will never have the opportunity to watch her grow up — to see her child's first day of school or be able to attend her wedding — and that little Aliyah will only know her mother from the memories and recollections shared by surviving family members and close friends.

Stated Shackley, "I don't know hat to say to her when she looks at a picture of her mom and asks me, 'Where's Momma?'"

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