One on One with…Ephrem Paraschak

Ephrem Paraschak

By Dawn De Busk

Staff Writer

NAPLES — After taking on the multi-tasking, straight-out busy role(s) of the town manager and road commissioner in the community where he grew up and currently owns a home, Ephrem Paraschak has made a huge career decision.

The hiring of Paraschak for the open job of Gorham town manager was announced last month. The here and now is a transition period that the towns of Naples and Gorham, as well as Paraschak, will face.

Despite his busy schedule that is sometimes spent on fire or rescue calls, Paraschak shared his thoughts as his three years as Naples town manager comes to a crossroads.

B-News: What year did you start in Naples?

Paraschak: July 1, 2014

B-News: What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Paraschak: Procuring a building and facility from the MDOT for use as the first Naples maintenance department.

B-News: What changes are you most pleased with?

Paraschak: I don’t think there has been any one change that I am most pleased with, all projects and activities of the town are a collaborative effort between the elected officials, manager and town employees.

B-News: What were some of the things that you wished you could have changed — BOTH something in the past that could have been done differently or an accomplishment/task you will not be able to get to before you start the new job?

Paraschak: There is always a list of items that a manager regrets not having had the time and resources to complete during their tenure. I sincerely believe that Naples has made significant progress in most areas over the last three years.

B-News: What will you miss most about being town manager in Naples?

Paraschak: Working with the employees.

B-News: Could you please touch on the benefits of no longer being the town manager in the town in which you live?

Paraschak: Living in the town in which you also manage has its advantages and disadvantages. Overall it isn’t a bad experience but it is hard to enjoy your personal time in the community you manage without constantly worrying about town business, looking at cracks in sidewalks, etc. and being approached about town matters when you are with your family.

B-News: In what ways will you still contribute to the town of Naples?

Paraschak: I still plan to be an active member of the Naples Fire Department and also continue to be an active member in other aspects of the community.

B-News: Regarding, your personal history — didn’t you grow up in Naples? What years have you been a resident?

Paraschak: I have been a resident of Naples essentially all my life, with a short time being away for college in New York.

B-News: In what ways is Gorham similar to and different from Naples?

Paraschak: Both communities are growing, Gorham obviously faster but both [growing] nonetheless. Gorham has established departments and extensive services that will be growing while Naples will be facing the addition and/or creation of those same services over the next ten years. Overall I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as town manager of Naples and hopefully have had a positive impact on the future of the town.

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