On the Ballot: Senate District 26, William Diamond unopposed

Bill Diamond

Senate District 26 — Incumbent William Diamond (D) is running unopposed. D26 towns within the BN coverage area include: Baldwin, Casco, Frye Island and Raymond.

Name: Sen. Bill Diamond

Age: 73

Party: Democrat

Family: Wife, two adult daughters, eight grandchildren

Education: BS; Master’s degree in Educational Administration, 30 credits post Master’s

Occupation: Business owner

Organizations: MSSPA – Board of Directors, Press. Windham Neighbors Helping Neighbors – nonprofit 501c3, buys heating fuel for those in need.

Q.1 — What qualities would you bring to the position? Desire to help those without a voice in the governmental bureaucracy.

Q.2 — How do you plan to contact/keep constituents up to date on issues? As I have done for the past 22 years — constant social media and face-to-face contacts.

Q.3 — How can the state strengthen education? Strive to improve efficiency at the local education levels.

Q.4 — What can be done to increase economic development at the state and local levels? State can increase the incentives to support existing businesses and attract new businesses to come to Maine.

Q.5 — There is increasing concern regarding access to healthcare. What is your concern, and what can be done at the state level? We can work within state capacity to assist with state assistance in supporting healthcare for Maine citizens.

Q.6 — What is your position on Question 1 regarding the use of tax dollars to provide home care for seniors and the disabled? Totally oppose Question 1. This will make Maine the highest tax state in America and will disproportionately harm small businesses with a 3.8% tax increase.

Q.7 — What is your position on Medicaid expansion? I support it.

Q.8 — What do you feel are the three main issues facing Maine today and what are your ideas/plans to address these issues if elected? Protecting children from physical and sexual abuse. Child Protection Services in DHHS is broken and children are suffering a lack of proper supervision. We need to reconfigure the agency.

Educating our students and providing technical training for students.

Supporting small businesses.

Q.9 — With the number of deaths caused by drug overdoses continuing to rise in Maine, what do you feel can be done to address the opioid crisis? Crack down on the drug traffickers with more strict sentencing.

Q.10 — Complete the following, “The reasons I am the best candidate for the job is…” Experience and job performance.

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