Off-Price Stores replaces Dinan’s Discount

A new name and new management has replaced Dinan’s Discount, the former Chapter 11 discount store at Pondicherry Square in Bridgton.

Bob Dinan took over two weeks ago from his son, Luke, the management of the former A&P Supermarket building and has renamed the enterprise Off Price Stores.

Alan Manoian, Bridgton’s director of Economic and Community Development, said Tuesday that building owner Zack Sclar confirmed to him that Bob Dinan, former owner of Bob’s Discount Stores, is now managing the Bridgton store.

Luke Dinan, 26, opened Dinan’s Discount in September 2010 after his brother Bobby Dinan, owner of four other Chapter 11 stores, closed the Bridgton location. Sclar at the time said Bobby Dinan “just couldn’t give it the time it deserved,” and brother Luke took it over as his first foray into store ownership.

Father Bob Dinan, who created a successful chain of 11 discount stores after first opening Bob’s Discount Off-Price Superstore on Lisbon Street in Lewiston in 1991, could not be reached for comment on his specific plans for the Bridgton Off Price Stores.

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