Norma J. Pinkham

Norma Jean Pinkham, 82, passed away peacefully on Monday, Aug. 15, 2011, at her home in Bridgton surrounded by several of her many devoted friends.

Born on May 31, 1929, in Sorrento, Norma was the daughter of the late Lewis and Ruth Thomas Pinkham. She was one of 11 children, and acquired a lifelong love of gardening from spending time on her grandparent’s farm. Norma was an avid gardener and could often be found planting flowers and pulling weeds, which she tended to with great delight. She enjoyed socializing and loved being the center of attention wherever she went, but was equally happy riding around her town and quietly taking in the scenery. Friends remember that Norma would meet people on a daily basis who would greet her with a broad smile and a warm hug, which would be generously returned in kind. Norma loved children, and delighted in meeting and kissing babies. Seldom would one find Norma without a magazine in hand, a cheerful baby smiling from the cover. Friends will also remember Norma for her equal distain of insects, and her relentless tracking of any misguided bug, which had the misfortune to wander into her path. Norma charmed everyone who was blessed to know her with her sparkling, mischievous blue eyes and her infectious giggle.

Norma moved to Bridgton and became a member of the Good Neighbors family on Valentine’s Day of 1989. She will be missed by all the members of the Good Neighbors family and, indeed, all who knew her, especially her housemates Martin, Phillip, and Eleanor. However, Norma will remain forever in the hearts of everyone who had the honor and privilege of being able to consider her a beloved friend.

Norma was a beloved member of the Grace Fellowship Church in Oxford and over the course of 22 years became a familiar customer and friend at many local businesses.

She is survived by her sister, Evelyn Perry of Steuben, with whom she corresponded faithfully throughout their years apart.

A graveside service was held Monday at the family cemetery on Tidal Falls Road in Hancock. Arrangements are by Hall Funeral Home, Casco.

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